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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Hard Boiled
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[Verse 1]
I stepped out chopper door, dressed
Like I'm Roger Moore, the best about to conquer all	
Armored cars, the jet to get around
Exotic broads, I get the femme fatale		
Unzipped the blouse, just found her weakness
I spent the rounds, gun barrel sequence		
I'm trouble yo, double o seven
The gun'll blow, pummel your henchmen		
Kill when lead flies, villianous 
Spy, Live and let die		
The trained assassin, slay with passion
Stay attacking, raider who craves the action
The rogue who is licensed to kill
I hope you are writing your will	

[Verse 2]
At last it's the chosen one 
The man with the golden gun
Who's blasting his foes for fun	
Woe will come, indeed you deserve it
I'm secret service, the genius wordsmith	 	
Defeats the purpose, to challenge the god
You weak and nervous, I'll batter your squad		
Sly, swift, with high risk maneuvers
Silent and violent with ruger		
Fire the inner soul
Scribe on the ninja scroll
Hide from the interpol		
My watch takes me out of tight spots
Guys drop as I sniped with five shots	
Foes will wither, they wont diminish me
Lone's a killer, you're blown to smithereens