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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Cursed Dawn
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Terror, gore, behind the cellar door
Hellish war defined, forevermore		
Pen and scrawl design the metaphors
Better sword, inclined to sever horde	
Grave horror, no safe harbor,
Haze haunts ya, whole place darker		
Inside of the tomb the mummie's after ya
Asylum of doom, there's bloody massacre  	
Study challengers as they shiver they harmless
They stiff as a carcass in the river of darkness	
On black night the hills run red
The flashlight reveals undead			
some fled, some paralyzed with fear
Theres bloodshed, plus shattered lives, despair	
Your sad demise is near, you dread your scary fate
You getting buried, there's cemetary gates	
Word's bond your folks are sobbing		
Cursed dawn, there's ghost and goblins	
Send strife, grief, pain, grim
Fright, weak slained on the midnight meat train	
The world's cruel you're hurled in the whirlpool
I made the promise of a wave of carnage	
The rage and the wrath is rancid
Bathe in a vat of acid