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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Chain and Sickle
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Enter your territory, sever the, terror's
Gory, contender's corny, I'm better the end of story	
My temper's short b, sort of like a short fuse
The weather's stormy, slaughter as I stalk you	
I walk through the foggy dragon swamp
I brought doom, I strongly ramp and romp	
Bash and stomp, so far the hugest threat
It's black and dark when you rendezvous with death	
Wear the iron robe, if you dare 
To spy and probe, then beware you're dying slow
War engaged, fortune favors the brave
Stalking prey, swordsman, slay with the blade	
Cruel with the weaponry, feud 
with enemy, In the duel of the Century	
Severe opponents bowing, the weak weep
I scale the tallest mountain and reach peak			
Aggress approach lair, a threat, throw spears
Crept with no fear and shed No Tears		
Assault as I declare war, stalk
Quiet, appear as fog across the Nightingale Floor	
The ninja that gained his stripes, I'm quicker
The blade'll slice, deliver the fatal strike 	
Violent deathblow, aint no bouncing back
Flying neck throw in the house of traps	
You bled and you're aching from the battle
I led the invasion of the castle	
Ignite warfare with the blazing missiles
When time draws near, swing the chain and sickle