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Artist: Lloyd f/ Yung Joc
Album:  Get it Shawty 12"
Song:   Get it Shawty (G's Remix)
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This, is, a
Trick, that
Track, me

(Verse 1)
I guess if I can let this woman
Slip away
Cause I got my eye on you
I see you lookin'
Over your shoulder
Let me make my way over

Hook: Lloyd
Excuse me, miss lady, how you doin'
Your body lookin' right
You're the type I like
Can I pursue in
Can I get a little closer
So I can get to know you
And exchange names and thangs
Before the night is over

Chorus: Lloyd
All I
Really want is
For you to back it up
Go on and put your weight on it
Cause it's alright
Do what you wanna
Make me believe ya
Oooh, I wanna see ya
Get it shawty (Get it shawty...)
Get it shawty (Get it shawty...)

(Verse 2)
I guess if we can let the night just
Drift away
So baby, what you gon' do
Cause I don't wanna lose it
Come on, keep it movin'

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

[Rap Verse: Yung Joc {Yung Joc slowed down}]
Shimmy-shimmy, cocoa-pop
You should get to know Joc
Got pulled up in that hard top
That I'll make your heart stop
The life I lead {Hard knock}
I pop the trunk {???}
I can buy you gifts {All rocks}
When they wanna hate {Boy, stop}
Now shorty, won't you slide with me
CL 550
Inhale the freshness {*inhale, exhale*}
The essence of leather wood jumpin'
It's gon' be a late night (YEAH)
I show you what I taste like (YEAH)
Love stop, no brake lights (YEAH)
Jaws like a great white (YEAH)

Repeat Chorus