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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Don't Take it Personal 12"
Song:   Don't Take it Personal
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Hey nigga what yo hood like?

Money come, money go, but it's alright
In the club, stay crunk right
Drama pop, you pop the truck, get them pumped right?

[LL Cool J]
I am the most incredible
I ain't disrespectin, just spittin my track record
Way before 'Pac and B.I.G., I did it big
Way before Hova, LL was a casanova
Way before Nas, I had my first menage
Way before T.I., I taught him how to be fly
Way before Nelly, I was up in the telly
Before J.D., I was 'Jingling Baby'
Before Lil' Jon, I put the south on
Before Ludacris, Ya boy was doin this
Before Snoop Dogg, I put rappers in the morgue
Before Dr. Dre, I was hot in L.A.
Before 50 Cent, I was sittin on ends
A young buck ridin in a 560 Benz

[Chorus: 2x]

[LL Cool J]
I been doin this a long time man, I'm tired of gettin money
On second thought...
Before Master P, I was bout it bout it B
Before Cash Money, I already stashed money
Before DMX, I was wild on the set
Momma said knock 'em out, I lay 'em on the deck
Before Wu Tang, I was the new thang
I whispered on shorty ear before Ying Yang
Before Mobb Deep, I had 'em shook over the beat
Years before Busta, I had my first customer
I was little L before Big L
Before E-40, my name, shit was naughty
Before Diddy, all my whips was pretty
Lil' wild nigga from Queens runnin through the city

[Chorus: 2x]

[LL Cool J]
But I can't talk too greasy
Gotta keep it real, ya know
Grandmaster was flashin way before I cashed in
Ya man Bambaata made the park jams hotter
Ya man Elle El couldn't go outside
When ya boy Melle Mel had the pimped out ride
Way before me, Kurtis Blow stacked dough
He ruled the world, I was in the front row
Run-D.M.C. showed me what I wanna be
I got kicked out the studio by Kool Moe Dee
The Cold Crush Four and the Treacherous Three
Ain't give a damn about a snotty nose kid like me
Houdhini, The Fat Boys and all that
I hit 'em on the jack, them niggas never called back

[Chorus: 2x]