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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Radio
Song:   You'll Rock
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[LL Cool J]
The momentum of this party can only increase
The design of this rhyme is a masterpiece
You'll wanna kick steps to the musical feast
And witness the force I'm about to release
You'll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
I'm a professional producer of hip-hop songs
In case you're unaware my beats are always strong
I'll exterminate your crew if I don't like you
with one rhyme I subdue my adversaries are through
I'm the best, fascinatin' my names' Cool J
I'm the royalty of rap, what else can I say
Experience, rhymin' skill, plus my voice is on wax
Funky fresh party rocker, so let's face facts
I'll dust a rapper off if I require practice
Vocal cords so rough that I can eat cactus
Choreographer of rhymes, best of all times
Composition technican with the b-boy's mind
Terrorizin MCs, destructions' in my path
Make your girlfriend ask me for my autograph
I'm the mic dominater, best of all times
And you ain't heard nothin' till you heard J rhyme
You'll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I'm a tell you the name behind the scratchin' sound
He's Cut Creator, Philly-Phil, he has the DJ crown
Me and him are imitatin' but never underatin'
My rhymes and his cuts have been consolidated
The mission ain't complete without the use of his hands
He makes my rhymes sound fresher, my beat expands
So I'll like you to meet him, but don't attempt to beat him
A five man crew, me and him'll defeat 'em
He'll scratch and wipe out all foes
Turntable terrorizer and I think you should know
That were - high calibered and my names' J
And for all you sucker crews it's Judgment Day
To ring this encounter, I'm your rhyme sayer
I have to say it girls, but yes, I'm a player
Material royal, dominating all
Light-brown with dimples and I'm six feet tall
And promoter of recordings that I call my own
And I'll love to take one of you ladies home
I'll complete and clear, infiltratin' your ears
My litera-ture is above Shakespeare
MC assassinator, and I just won't stop
I'm the author and the designer of the jam you'll rock
I'm a lyrical game on the heels of fame
And the world will be glad that Cool J came
You'll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I'm a dedicate this rhyme to my favorite street
You think about it everytime that you hear this beat
Any other jam you hear just dis-regard
This is the National Anthem of the Boulevard
See I'm loyal to the bully cause it tought me the deal
Certainly the place to be and that's how I feel
Farmers Boulevard, E-Love and me Cool J
In the center of it all is a cute 3-A
47th will surrender, Delancey's in fear
Queens Boulevard is soft, they don't come around here
With gazelles on my face, I will hold my space
Entertain, stimulate, and conduct the bass
You'll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I'ma kick it for the beat, check complete my mission
Subtractin' emcee's like a mathematician
Chairman of the board at the rappin' commission
Soul inventor of this composition
I disintegrate rappers I can and I could
The great Edgar Allen Poe couldn't write this good
I'm the warlord of rap with my own army
Japans' whole military couldn't disarm me
Super bad, cold crush, number one b-boy
Like a paintin' from Picasso, I'm the real McCoy
Crown Prince of rappin', godfather of beats
MC's that I meet, I mutilate and defeat
You'll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
YouknowI'msayin'? Break!!
YouknowI'msayin'? Break!! Break!! Break two!!