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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Mama Said Knock You Out
Song:   Mr. Goodbar
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[LL Cool J]
Nah y'all nah y'all uh-uh
I ain't disrespectin though
I'm just sayin it happen to me
It can happen to him
How you doin?
What's your name?
Uh, mmm, haha
Oh you're his girl

[LL Cool J]
Hello my name is Mr. Goodbar
I'm came to offer champagne 
Later on maybe I'll tell you my real name
But for now sip your drink and be merry
And be a nice girl and sing me a cherry
Me, I'll have a Cowa-loo and milk
Cause champagne always stains my silk
You got a man? That's somethin we will talk about
He's smart enough to have ya, but dumb enough to let ya out 
I like ya friendly bag your alligator shoes 
Ya hairstyle and ya whole point of view 
The way you lick your lips and stare 
You tell me that's a habit hmmm yeah
Funny coated legs, with not one scar
The stylish wardrobe is up the par 
Here's my number, call me in my car
You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar 

[LL Cool J]
So how long you been talkin to him?
Word, nah he's cool with me, he's cool with me
Oh he loves you

[LL Cool J]
Honey open up a bottle of brandy
Better yet have a piece of Cool J candy
And sweat the man with the master disaster
Break ya like plaster-plan and
The cards on the table and the deal is dealt
Uh, I'm in the mood for a tuna milk
And I can't make you, I sure wouldn't rape you
Feelin kinda mellow and I sure would hate to leave the job half-done (Nah!)
Cause at a time like this you're the one that I'm lookin for, 
callin on the floor (WOOF!)
I'm comin back for more
If the Mona Lisa's name was Teresa 
I'll get a piece-a of the Mona Lisa, then smoke a cigar
You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, so you be callin on the request line
Hahahaha oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh he's my man, word him too
Yeah I like Bobby Brown
Tell him he's cool butů

[LL Cool J]
Don't be cruel cause you'll be on your own
Cause my prerogative rockin my microphone
Come and get this ice-cream cone
Or I'll deliver it when your daddy ain't home
Grown and healthy that's how I like em
Big juicy legs and a nice pair of kegs 
Hmmm, Mr. Good bar style
You haven't met a guy like me in a while
I jump out a cake, dance, play, shake I ant got nobody by Jake
Smooth as Whitester extra dry Moetzer 
Don and I'll slip it in your mouth like a Bon-Bon

[LL Cool J]
I'm Mr. Goodbar (Goodbar) yeah
So you know next time uh your man is out
Check the lobby
Nah, nah he's cool
But my girl oh I don't know your man might be with her uh
But I'm with you, yeah Mr. Goodbar baby, uh
May I say may I say that outfit you got on
Slim, juicy lips so honey coated hmmm
Yo he never says that to you
He never gives you compliments 
Yo he be givin you flowers baby
And tellin you how much he cares for you
Does he hold you and caress you and give you affection
I didn't think so