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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Exit 13
Song:   Old School New School
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Classic, uh, uh, uh
I'd like to welcome ya'll to Exit 13
My name is LL Cool J
R. Leslie on the track, uh, uh, uh

[LL Cool J]
I told ya'll that I would make a killing
I told ya'll I blow like Mount St. Helen's
I told ya'll I'm the truth, they paint me like a villain
Sick on paper, the inch to penicillin
I told ya'll the real, they started catching feelings
Muthafuck 'em all, throw ya L's to the ceiling
Cool J, still hotter than a helicopter crashing in lava
Still sweeter to the ladies than a box of Godiva
Music industry is like a game of cops and robbers
Too many Indians, no chiefs to follow
What I'm sowing today, I be reaping tomorrow
So here's some joyful bars, to replace your sorrow
I'm beyond a legend, I'm iconic
Fall off, rebuild, your man's bionic
Put your trust in me, I never let you down
I always come up with a way to checkmate these clowns
I effeminate these clowns, trynna take me down
Ask Puffy and Nas, who 'hates me now'
The Phenomenon, ladies love the don
I give 'em an ear-gasm, they can't keep calm

(Chorus: LL Cool J)
Old school, new school, need to learn though
I burn baby burn like disco inferno
Old school, new school, need to learn though
I burn baby burn like disco inferno

[LL Cool J]
I told ya'll that I was coming back
I told ya'll I ain't going out like that
I told ya'll I was the greatest to ever rap
And I built Def Jam and took a piss on the map
I told ya'll, I wasn't like the other cats
I'm fresh like a Wii, them niggas playing jacks
They all a bunch of a rats, they copying off 2Pac's stats
Wearing tuxedos to hide they tight speedo
Chains is tucked in, I'm incognito
Fuck with your ego, and touch your girl's labito
There will never be on flyer, LL Cool J
Taking you higher and higher
The wire, the GOAT, the grand sire
Who good at 24's if you want flat tires
Telling your soul and then performing with a choir
People, please, don't listen to these liars
Ladies and gentlemen, these, niggas is selling you up
Bunch of irrelevant shit, it's not intelligent, is it?
My shit's exquisite, don't follow the yellow brick road
Them niggas faking like the Wizard


[LL Cool J]
Is it really possible I'm this hot?
LL Cool J, still on top?
24 years, I ain't forget the block
You can ask my Jay in the shop
Linden Boulevard, little Coupe, big rocks
Real estate only, I ain't fucking with the stocks
Why not, so our grandkids could feed they grandkids
And they grandkids, can feed they damn kids
And Collin Park throw ya hands in the air
Jump before I turn 'em in a Cool J affair
My word is my bond, every summer I'm there
Ya'll can jump double dutch while I'm laying in the cut
I told ya'll I wasn't giving up
I told ya'll, I can jump on tracks and switch the rhythm up
Do work, treat rap like a ripped skirt
Sow it up, rep your hood, nigga, throw it up
You'd been standing by my side for years
Sold out concerts, screams and cheers
Front row T-Shirt, L, we here
I bought every album, too many to count 'em
Watch your movies, your the only good thing about 'em
Todd Smith jeans, I can't live without 'em
And the only thing I want from you
Is for you to keep doing that shit you do

(Chorus 2x)