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Artist: LL Cool J f/ Wyclef Jean
Album:  Exit 13
Song:   Mr. President
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[LL Cool J]
Dear Mr. President, with all due respect
Wish we could have a conversation
I would take a trip down to your residence
And we would talk about the state of the nation
Mr. President, I would ask you about the war
Really and truly, what is it for?
When a I.E.D. make a soldier fall
Is he dying for something above us all?
Is it all about him at the end of the day
Is a pledge of allegiance just something to say
I hope not, cuz I love the U.S.A.
Despite of all the drama we have today
Mr. President are you aware?
Our flesh and blood is dying over there
When the coffins come back, do you care?
When only the poor kids die, is it fair?

[Chorus: Wyclef Jean]
If I could talk to the President
Would he pay attention, really listen?
If I could talk real intelligent
Would he beware and then change his position?
Now is time, time, time
For me to speak my mind, mind, mind

[LL Cool J]
Don't get me wrong, I respect the flag
But it hurt to see a kid in a body bag
He fought for his country with all he had
Now he have a family without a dad
With a mama crying, the kids is scared
9/11, why were we unprepared?
Mr. President, are you aware?
Unless you rich you have poor health care
Makes you scream and wanna pull out your hair
Discharged from hospitals as soon as you get there
Mr. President, truth or dare
Terrorists are hiding, and you know where
Illegal immigrants are everywhere
Is it really their fault, they wanted to come here
I respect you, please be clear
But talk with me, show the people you care


[Wyclef Jean]
What am I to do, have you wiggle any you
Tell me something that I just make sense
You sent us off to war, please be honest what it's for
Does it matter if it's life or death?

[LL Cool J]
I'm not Republican or Democrat
I'm independent and I want the facts
When are the soldiers coming back?
Are we prepared for a terror attack?
Late at night I watch CNN
It gets so bad, I might stop breathing
The Middle East hates us, what's the reason?
Mr. President, my heart is bleeding
Tuck my kids in every evening
Try to teach them to keep believing
Hoping my government won't deceive them
Tell 'em, touch your goals, you could achieve them
Mr. President, I have to know
If I die for you, what will I have to show
Will it really and truly help our country go?
I'm waiting for your answer, let me know

[Chorus 2x]