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Artist: LL Cool J f/ Ryan Leslie
Album:  Exit 13
Song:   Like a Radio
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"I'd like to make a request"
What'chu wanna hear baby? Ah-hah
Aww man
Uh-huh {*3X*}

[LL Cool J]
I keep the ass poppin like the locks on a Benz
After the afterparty we'll be gettin it in
Pause for a drink then we cuttin again
I be your babysitter when I'm tuckin you in
Let it ride, no hands, then touch it again
Play DJ on that ass, bump it again
Rotatin bed, watchin it spin
Your the lyrics I'm the beat, I'm killin this blend

[Chorus: Ryan Leslie]
I'ma touch your little button, I'ma flip the switch (ay!)
I'ma turn you on like a ra-d-io
Turn the lights out, plug me in
Come and turn me on like a ra-d-io

[LL Cool J]
I request her at night, she's my favorite song
I'm the station, and the only one she cum on
Heavy rotation, all night long
Rap to me baby, turn my mic on
I kill it like Summer Jam when I perform
Treat your body like a stage, jump right on
I got your spot packed, tight as my song
Hands in the air, spotlight on

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
(What's my motherf'n name?)

[Interlude 2X: LL Cool J]
L, L, Cool, J
Nobody hot as me, no, way
I keep heat for y'all, all, day
I'm lockin down the game like Rah-way

[LL Cool J]
Ass like a turntable goin round and round
Cuttin it and scratchin it and rubbin it down
You was hatin on the bars but you lovin 'em down
You assumed I was soft - I'm thuggin it, WOW~!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X


[LL] + (Ryan): repeat 2X
Like a turntable goin round and round
(I'm turn you on like a radio)
Like a turntable goin round and round
(Come and turn me on like a radio)

"I'd like to make a request"
Aiyyo Ryan! This like the number one requested most
{*laughing*} most requested, hahaha
She loves this song!