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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Bigger and Deffer
Song:   The Breakthrough
   Knuckleheads spreadin' gossip all over town
   Every time I drive by you're just standin' around
   Hundred-bottles in your pocket, forty-dog in your hand
   Don't you know you're just a worker and your boss is my man?
   L.L. this, L.L. that, soon as I walk in the place
   I wanna take my gun and shoot you in your muthafuckin' face
   You're playin' me too close with the schemin' and games
   I guess the beef and the bullshit is the price of fame
   Movies, records, goin' on tour
   Twenty-thousand people hip-hoppin' on the floor
   Whole parties body-rockin', and everything's chill
   Get back to New York, and the suckers act ill
   See I fought with the devil, made a promise to God
   I have experience in goin' all the way to the top
   It's harder harder than hard
   All the suckers are barred
   You used to try to talk down now your ego is scarred
   See the problem is you want what another man has
   His car, his wife, or his razzamatazz
   But that's weak, you gotta do work on your own
   cuz when you're rich you got friends
   but when you're poor you're alone
   So get your own on your own, it'll strengthen your soul
   Stop livin' off your parents like you're three years old
   Instead of walkin' like you're limp and talkin' yang about me
   why don't you take your monkey-ass and get a college degree?
   Or write a rhyme and ride a bike and try to live carefree
   Hope my message reaches you before you're seventy-three
   A old man, when people ask you what you did with your life
   you'll say "I hated L.L. and I carried a big knife"
   Every day is a chase, every day is a race
   and every day you're being overpowered by my bass
   Too much juice to be a deuce, I had to be a ace
   It's like the fire's in my eyes and the gun's in my face
   I'm stompin' stupid knuckleheads until they bleed
   I'm the leader of the show, so it's up to me to lead
   I'mma lead you away from drugs and petty crime
   Lead you away from wack beats and rhyme
   Lead you to that ticket line
   so you can come in my show and watch the stars shine
   Get busy, not dizzy, wanna teach the young
   The last man who didn't listen ended up gettin' hung
   Not that I killed him, it's just
   He didn't wanna trust
   the words of a master that's why you must
   Take heed to the speech, it's gonna reach your ear
   Don't try to say you can't hear cuz the words are clear
   Throwin' flurries, punks scurry and I bury the rest
   You better hurry up and rock a rhyme and give it your best
   Cuz tonight's the night we gonna see the big fight
   Twelve-gauge on the stage in case it don't go right
   E-Love drives a tank, he's strong like a truck
   If you're cryin' while you're dyin' we ain't givin' a fuck
   L.L. Cool J is on the microphone
   tellin' all you punk ducks "Leave me the hell alone"
   Cuz I'm rated X, born to snap necks
   Straight up and down, no special effects
   I'm the professor, the teacher, the hip-hop dean
   If Russia bombed the U.S., they'd be scared to touch Queens
   Cuz that's where I live, and this is what I give
   Turnin' top-notch crews into fugitives
   They run, they frightened, they hide from King Titan
   like a sniper when he's shootin' or a viper when he's bitin'
   Here I am, tellin' the truth
   and I'm spreadin' the word to my fellow youth
   It goes man-to-man and jam-to-jam
   I got hip-hop, rock, and love song fans
   All you petty MC's in the state of New York
   Gettin' a thousand for a show but you still wanna squawk
   Can't get a decent contract, your beats ain't workin'
   Dogged-out Pumas plus you're manager's jerkin'
   Your mic sounds weak, remember that skeezer
   I'm badder than Napoleon, Hitler or Caesar
   I'm a hitman, but I'm not for hire
   Fly girl's desire, the man you admire
   Not only on the stage, I rock in the park
   and I'm a killer in the daytime, and worse after dark
   So don't never ever mess with the king of the sound
   L.L. Cool J, the baddest around.