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Artist: LL Cool J
Album:  Bigger & Deffer
Song:   .357  Break it On Down
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(LL Cool J)
That's right y'all this is the LL Cool J party
Move it, move it, move it, get on the floor baby
That's right, don't try to front like your fly 

(LL Cool J)
To rappers I'm a nightmare on Elm Street 
Hellafied hotter than heat, guess why the other's can't eat?
Cause I'm a carnivore and I can eat much more 
than a fat man after a pack-a-jam
L.L.'s thicker than butter, well-known throat cutter
When I'm involved all the amateurs stutter 
They're scared and can't believe that their whole crew
Ain't a rapper alive that can fill my shoes 
I'm dope on a rope, virgins wanna elope
I do the hustle and the shuffle and the rope-a-dope
Cause I'm the hardest hard rock in the hard rock town
I gotta .357 and I break it on down

(LL Cool J)
Three hundred and fifty seven reasons
why you gotta get your butt on the floor right now
We ain't playin, we came here to get ill
Iller than ill, LL youknowI'msayin?

(LL Cool J)
Just like Ali Baba and the 40 thevz 
So nasty you don't know whether to stay or leave 
More feared, than even Blue Beard, I serve Primrose
A picture of me is like one of Michaelango's
I don't play the banjo will you ever understand yo
Servin I mean the matter how old I go Rambo
Cock-strong, half a block long
Illy ill fire starter hittin harder than King Kong
Not a battle-axe, not run-of-the-mill
Not easily knocked out or easily killed 
Cause I'm the hardest hard rock in the hard rock town
I gotta .357 and I break it on down

(LL Cool J)
A hundred and ninety five pounds punk
More bounce to the ounce and I say what counts
Now get yourself on the floor
Stop actin like a sissy

(LL Cool J)
Boy, I'm better than better is, badder than badder is 
I won't scare em or dare em I'll just splatter his 
guts kick his butt while Bob is rockin the cuts 
Wanna step in the ring with me, you must be nuts
Not Isis in a crisis, or Freddy when he's ready, or Jason when he's chasin'
my silhouette, a scene I mean I'm icin' and acin'
Amateurs who lack it, can't hack it, I attack it, that's why I wanna crack it
They're sellin' the soul of little kids who can't roll
I told em, scold em, teach em and mold em
get paid ten knots at a time and then I fold em 
I remember the blood and I remember what told em 
I can, can't cause I'm down with E yet you have the audacity 
to try and mess with him and me 
Hypersonic is weak and Supersonic is wack
Sneak around after midnight, like a Siamese cat
Pellum (1, 2, 3) catch twenty-two I'm H-A-R-D 
I'm the hardest hard rock in the hard rock town
I gotta .357 and I break it on down

(LL Cool J)
A beatdown can be arranged
Yo baby you look fine spread em
Yo homeboy get up against the wall, what's this in your pocket
What is this?
Move it, move it, move it

(LL Cool J)
I'm a nappy, sappy crappy imitator of who 
If I ever imitated it wouldn't be you, ooooh
You don't know so many have died when the LL growl was amplified 
Get back better yet step back get dat
Like Shaft and The Mack, cause I'm mad and I'm black  
I'm the perfect blend, a good boyfriend
I'm the reason rap rules the country, I'm Cool
J-A-M-E-S; fresh as a cliche, but soul is my forte 
Disco is out, rhythm and blues is old news  
P's and Q's keep me in new shoes
and you're dissin me because I'm young and I'm strong 
And I'm capable of making a platinum LP
Wrong you was, you assumed I was all in 
But boy is for ballin they'll never say I'm fallin
Callin all cars for the brother in black
L-E-L the Mack back bone of this track 
The force full of force to put you on your back
Makin' hit after hit, while you search for a contract
Hotter than hot now watch how hot I can get
Leavin' rappers freeze-dried and skimmer's dimmer's wet
Cause I'm the hardest hard rock in the hard rock town
I gotta .357 and I break it on down

(LL Cool J)
Now the LL posse is now handin out speed knots
to all those who don't want to get busy
That's right baby get your body on the floor 
Move it, move it
.357 at point blank range ain't nothin strange
you're havin a heart attack is at your back
Now listen to me bring it, bring it on, on down, down, down, down, down, down