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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   We Fuckin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh, ten years later tens feel like change
Take cover motherfuckers gon' feel my range
Shit I'm droppin all this heavy bought a real life plane
In 50 cities, bet we get the steel like James
I get silly, everything cool calm and Willie
Need a knock half off coupon, you feel me?
Them bitches on call, they can have a ball
Ego so tall make my haters look small
Teterboro boy, truckin when the snow fall
He's no lover boy, fuck 'em till they toes curl
Got your lady Rob, but you can have her back
Cause she ain't got no job, and I won't have her back
Euro keying, European, out of my habitat
Catch a contact, steamin on that magic pack
This the coolest nigga breathin not the average rap
Money stacks through the evening - it's back to back

Let the game begin, we came here to spend
And I'm ridin Benz, you can bring your friends
Huh, here we go again
I just met shorty tonight and we fuckin
I don't even know her name
but her body off the chain and I'm tryin to show her sum'n
I'ma end this champage and throw
all this money up to the sky like it's nuttin

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh~! There's a master mind behind these eyes
Sure thing, knew I'd make it back in '95
'94 '93 maybe '92
Nigga we ain't even, you couldn't tie my shoe
Frozen neck, fuck respect, I'm from God Blue
Loaded Tec, no respect for the rival crew
Times is hard and you strugglin, nuttin I can do
Survive or get slaughtered by somebody boo
You couldn't leave me, I switch gears easy
My chick look like a model and your bitch hair peasy
I don't plan on fallin back, you got the 6 still see me
Options in every city in case a chick try to tease me
I'm killin in the worst way, drillin on the first day
Mami said she shoot, I'ma hit it 'til she squirt hey!
Since my first days, Polo what my shirt say
Now look at all this cake, it's startin to feel like my birthday

[Chorus] - 2X