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Artist: Livio f/ Noreaga
Album:  My Life (Vol. 1)
Song:   Life I Know
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[chorus: Livio & Noreaga]
Understand that I am a man
And even when it's time to go (Nigga, what, what!)
Understand that I live this life
Cause it's the only life I know (Nigga, what, what!)
Live the life, will I die tonight?
That's all I'd like to know (Nigga, what, what!)
I know it isn't right, but I live this life
Cause it's the only life I know (Nigga, what, what!)

[verse one: Livio]
I want you to understand why I got this work in my hand
Why I sometimes flip out and resort to hurtin' a man
Why these city streets turn me to a thug machine?
Why my niggas addicted to sellin' drugs to fiends?
Why do I love the cream? Why am I a ghetto king?
Why be down wit petty hustlin' if I ain't bout to get a thing?
Why every block I live on full of methamphetamines?
Why I see niggas die over watchin' a set of rings?
Why is Livio dirty and won't let God get him clean?
And why am I thinkin' like this if I'm only seventeen?
Why did I see a dead end livin' life on the street?
And why'd I get behind the mic and put my life on the beat?
Livio, I know ya starvin', I want you to eat
You'd have to die and go to Heaven to see who I want you to meet
Why me? Why can't I put trust in other people?
Why didn't I go out instead of my brother, Rico?
Why ya evil? While you thinkin' hate, I'm thinkin' love
Life is really meaningless when death is all ya thinkin' of
And that's what.. you can spread drugs or spread love
When I shed blood, I'm a be just another dead thug
Why is death chasin' me and I'm tryin' to hide?
Why my body feel live although I'm dyin' inside?
Why I got money and feel broke? Who else advances the pay?
Yeah, I can hear death callin', but I won't answer today
And wherever God stay is where I'd like to go
But understand I live this life 'cause it's the life I know


[verse two: Noreaga]
Eh yo, Livio, I hid the blow in the stereo
Guns from overseas, coke from right here
Niggas think I'm missin', but look, I'm right here
Got a nawmeanuheard, naw mean you heard?
I keep the jump off, cuz they not mean, you heard?
Shit, mocking bird, I'll mock ya bird
And if ya niggas got weed, then I'll mock ya herb
You can check the records, shit, not a nigga thugs me
Wish 'Pac was here, nigga would've loved me
Just like Christ, I say fuck the ice
Bitches hate me, but lovin' my whips wit blue lights
Had a gun battle, had to hit the horse cattle
Forget Sleepless, have you dead in Seattle
Ain't shit changed, nigga, but my underwear
Niggas think I like jail, lived under there
Shit, slip in ya house, gutter ya spouse
Plus I like her, the bitch let me cum in her mouth
I'm the same on all albums, thuggin' it out! It go..


[verse three: Livio]
I hit the scene thuggin', evil fiends mean-muggin'
We from the same place, but that shit don't mean nothin'
Hope it means somethin', especially when them things bustin'
I'm young Livio, boy, I'm seventeen, hustlin'
I just block out everything, I done forgot the disruption
I just keep it goin' on, and I ain't stoppin' for nothin'
Skip all the worthless discussion, ya people hurtin' and sufferin'
You mothafuckas be actin' like you allergic to hustlin'
I gets specific wit you, what you expect 'em to do?
What's the real reason ya livin', dog, what's gettin' you through?
It's time to get smart, no time to stay dumb
Them niggas who stay dumb is who I stay away from
'Cause they just wanna get me high, not be earnin' a thing
They don't wanna let me fly, they keep burnin' my wings
That's why I am what they isn't and I'm touchin' the sky
And you can't tell me different, I ain't trustin' ya lies
And I keep on sellin' truth, you keep buyin' the lies
And just 'cause I say I'm ready to go don't mean I'm tryin' to die

[chorus: (2X)]

*fades out*