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Artist: Littles f/ Raekwon
Album:  Streets Will Listen
Song:   Hallwayz
Typed by: Cno Evil

Four-four's and gauges, top locks get blown off hinges
Divide twenty into one sixty, vision of inches
Spinnin out the hood into larger homes
Sex tales and Motorola phones, roamin the world
DVD's paint my life on a thousand inch screens
Watch the pinches, all trip's and falls, rise through winter
I went from stubborn, thug and broke, now I'm wise and richer

The game is a novel, bulletproof goggles and bitches
Yo, Lord, just watch and make sure keep floodin ya watches
Plannin the crib, marinate, delegate gigs
I'm the old nigga feedin Goldie
Yo I sware on my life, and yours too, cousin
The old niggas be holdin, yo chill on the bezels
Gettin big on all levels
Niggas is watchin, money come from most of the Devils
I seen that televised moment
Aiyo son, you dropped 'em, now you gotta move like a Roman

[Chorus x2: Littles (Raekwon) {both}]
Some say the good die young (Why's that?)
Cuz the hood where I'm from, you either duck strays or toke macks
(Squeeze rounds 'til them hammers sit back)
{You now rollin in the arms of vets}

I'm straight, snorkels on the grind, block reclinin benches
The first time I heard C.R.E.A.M. I hit the block harder
Twenties of this, fifties of that, duckin
Dodgin, weavin, deletin cracks
Loc'd out off the tombs of Beth', we move in many forms
Pimps hit the floor and sell strap
My only fear of you frail cats
Cuz when I squeeze, D.A.'s and judges, don't get a bail back

So steel's ya color, that's real, build wit ya brothers
You'se a young nigga, fresh out, Amil's ya mother
And yea the police is definitely workin
They got they hats on, backwards son, slanted style
Hurtin niggas, that nigga right there tell him
I heard his family whisperin shit, he snitchin on all the fellas
That made him glamp like he larger
Fuck it, Benzes is weak, we buyin solitaries

[Chorus x4]