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Artist: Phonte & Eccentric
Album:  The Story of U.S.
Song:   It Takes a Nation of Bouncers to Hold Me Back...From the Club
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[Phonte - Intro]
Uh, yeah, ye-ye-ye-yea-yeah
Two thousand and, one, huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh
Jiggy Tay (Tay Tay...), run it like this
OOOOOOH - uh, uh, uh, uh run through it Jiggy Tay
Yeah,uh a-come on, yo give it to 'em uh!

I look at yo' thiiiiighs
Saw you standin theeeere
The only thing I could see, was the color of yo' hair
So I called you over, did not even think
I said, "Hey pretty lady - let me buy you a drink
Uh, and they can take yo' order
You don't even have to drank no wa-tah
I'll pay for you a can get some 'GNAC!"
And then you sip the 'gnac, girl, I'm gon' break yo' back girl
You don't know how to act girl, and we gon' put it on the track girl

Now what you wan' do if you really wanna come, get me
Do you wanna get, jiggy? 'Cause we gon' get, freaky
(Jiggy Tay, Jiggy Jiggy Tay)
Now what you wan' do if you really wanna come and, get me
Do you wanna get, freaky? 'Cause we gon' get, jiggy
(Jiggy Tay, Jiggy Jiggy Tay)

(Verse two..) Now that we back at the house, babe (at the hoooouse)
You can come in (come innnnnnn..)
Kiss yo' toes, lick yo' breast, and rub yo' skin, oh!
I can get freaky wit it (too loooong)
Nightly or weekly wit it, ah!
And I could go deeper wit it, BAYYYY-BAY

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

[Phonte - imitating Chuck D (*Eccentric - imitating Flavor Flav*)]
And the drummer get WICKED, I got to kick it in the club (YEAH!)
Y'all didn't know you show me love
Thought y'all would never see me on a jiggy track
But +It Takes a Nations of MILLIONS to Hold Me Back+ (YEEEEAH BOY-EEE!!!)
Now I'm back wit it
And all you black people don't know how to act wit it (YEAH!)
I got my nigga named Flav
And we in the club, and we not goin to a rave (HA-HA-HA *Flav crackles*)
And you don't know how to behave
The black man is the ultimate, and we FUCKIN wit
anyone who want to come wit me
(YEAAAAH!!) The nigga Tay D!!

[Chours 2X]

["Flavor Flav" overlaps during chorus]
HA-HA-HA-HA!! Coooold Medina, Cooooold Medina
BASS for yo' FACE, and hit it in yo' WAIST, baby!
HA-HA-HA-HA *crackles* YEAH! BOYEE!!
Y'all know what time it is, time to get jiggy, knahmsayin?
Is ya CLOCKIN? Is ya ROCKIN? Is ya SOCKIN? C'mon down and be knockin!
YEAAAH, GET JIGGY! For the 2001
And they said it couldn't be done! HA-HA-HA *crackles*