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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait
Song:   Sure Thing Freestyle
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[Lil Wayne]
Uh, kush and a Swisher, money over bitches
Never kill a woman, unless she a witness
All about my business, survival of the fittest
She let me hide my weed in her titties
Bitch, I got the cash... in a rubberband
I got the Glock... already cocked - BOOM
Fuckin witta nigga, meet my muddahfuckin goons
Sorry 4 the Wait, Carter IV comin soon
Light it up... 'cause I'ma smoker
She tried to deep throat, I fucked around and choked her
It's Young Money muddahfucker game over
Shots leave your body lookin like you doin yoga
And Lord knows I am a sinner, pain pills for dinner
Bitch I'm gettin money like I got a money printer
Got a chopper and a trimmer, shootin like Jimmer
You comin in that water boy, you better be a swimmer
I ain't worryin 'bout y'all, I'm sittin in my hog
While Ms. Anita Baker say +You Bringing Me Joy+
I came straight outta jail and did my thing on these boys
And we all yell, "FUCK YOU BITCH!"and kept goin
I'm on... and that's right, baby
I ain't goin out this bitch without a fight, baby
One request, please don't bite, baby
I got some bomb-ass pussy from a white lady
I ain't lyin, I'ma shine like a nickel or a diamond
I smoke a lot of weed to keep them bitches off of my mind
Girl... stop talkin that shit
Gon' suck a nigga dick for a new outfit
...And even if the sky come fallin
...Bitch I'ma still be high
I got faith in my weed. man
But lil' niggaz got yay by the bean bag
Hit yo' ass from the side like a screen pass
And that red bandana is the team flag
Yeaaaah, all up in ya fucking face
'Tez pushed the album back, sorry 4 the Wait

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. Uh-huh...