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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Juelz Santana
Album:  Oh Yea 12"
Song:   Oh Yea
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[Lil Wayne]
Young mula
cash money mafia, (yea!)
weed and syrup

[Lil Wayne]
It's weezy baby, (who?)
Strapped like the navy, (what)
Ridin' wit a half a brick strapped to her baby, (ok)
I be getting money, run a lap if you lazy, (yea)
Grand daddy purp got me trapped like mazes, (oww!)
Bunch of diamond chains lookin' like a bunch of lasers (yea)
Understand I'm sharper than a fuckin' hellraiser, (raiser)
Bad yellow bitch on my sidekick pager
You know it's goin' down like down goes Frazier, ya dig? (A!)
Yes, and I be wit mid west chubby
But I'm from the dirty, keep it dirty like I'm playin' rugby, (ha)
Bitch ride me like a old school huffy, (what?)
Let me see you work your mouth like a fuckin' guppie, (go head)
My leather softer than brand new pair of hush puppies
My top will leave if I decide to hit the punch button, (hit it)
It's young weezy, how could I ever quit stuntin'?
Get mad, I'ma get money

[Chorus 2x]
You getting' money? oh yea
You got them hundreds? oh yea
You roll around witcha pockets all chubby? oh yea
You stay fly? oh yea
You that guy? oh yea
You that dude we can call for them pies? oh yea

[Juelz Santana]
A! Dipset
Skull gang

[Juelz Santana]
Juelz baby
They see me and start cheerin
Rockstar like Santana Van Halen, yea
Burn em wit the nina
Hot head, nickname fever
Ya bitch, I Turner/Turn her like Tina, haha
Booty in the air, then I bump her like speakers
Then I get right back to puffin' my reefer, (A!)
Yes, yes I'm coke supplyin'
Best pitcher on the mound since Nolan Ryan, (ha)
I got that cheap blow
Heavyweight, I sell snow by the ski slope... come and get some
And the cars got engines like speed boats
Throw dough away like tickets to a free show, (uh)
You outside getting' re-poed, (whoa)
I'm bein' watched under the law, I'm rico (A!)
And all the chicks come to me for wood like Home Depot
I shine, you just a little star, you twinkle, (twinkle)
We make it rain for real, ya'll just sprinkle
We shut down ya hydrant, aight then (A!)