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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Shanell
Album:  Rebirth
Song:   Runnin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lil Wayne]
The loser, microphone abuser
Feet hurtin, I just walked from Jerusalem
So you should get on the side with the movement
I'm the proof and I'll die just to prove it
What'cha wanna know? Anything whatever
I can't tell ya, I could show ya better
Me me and my gun, we took an oath together
Said I will never die, if we both together
Yea! This is my testifacation
I'ma weigh-in on they heads like precipitation
And in Hell, you you need justification
But, but for me it was just a vacation
Hehehehe, yeah

[Chorus: Shanell]
Somebody tell me when's it gonna end
Where's it gonna end up
Runnin {*5X*}
Runnin out
When's it gonna end
Where's it gonna end up
Runnin {*3X*}

I lost all my money, I lost half my mind
Can't find my direction, where's the finish line?
Could I be that far awayyyyy from it all, have farrrr to go
If I could stay for it all, then I shouldn't fall

[Lil Wayne]
But if I fall I fall up, and let the clouds hug me
And If I fall down I bet I hit the gound runnin
Bet you search and found nothin, lookin for the finish line
Stop shortcuttin, you fucking up yo' finish time
Geyeah, but every twice in a while
It feels like I'm runnin, and life is the miles
Yeah! But until the lights dimmin down
I'll be runnin 'round, runnin {*echoes*}

Will you tell me


Countin all my pennies but it doesn't add up
At the mercy but somehow it ain't enough
Readin all the red lights tryin not to give up
But I don't know how long it's gonna last, ohh

[Lil Wayne]
It's almost over now
I said it's almost over now
The end is gettin closer now
Better do what your supposed to
cause the world is on your shoulders now


When's it gonna end?
Where's it gonna end?
Runnin, runnin out

[Lil Wayne]
Yeah! I'm runnin outta time, I'm runnin out of space
Feel like I'm runnin 'round, but I'm runnin in place
We all in the race, I'm just another sprinter
If there's no finish line, then who's the real winner?