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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Wyclef Jean
Album:  The Drought Is Over Pt. 4
Song:   Operate On Me
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[Chorus: Wyclef Jean]
They say opposites attract, so hear I am girl
With my pistol in my pocket
Hidden under right in my jockey, yeaaahhh
They say opposites attract so here she is girl
With the master of bachelor
She just become a doctor
[repeat 2X]
Operate on me
I need that open heart surgery
cause the way my heart is feeling
I can't make it through the night

[Lil Wayne]
Pocket full of money and some dark shades
Flow so current he can start waves
Game like butter he Parkay
Love me some head like shortay's
Coppin quarters like the arcades
Getting high with my animals in our cage
And you can see us if we start gaze
Creole boy maybe I sauté
On your mark, ready, start race
That's just you making my heart race
And I may be the opposite, but I'ma let cha operate, yeaah


[Lil Wayne]
And I know she wants the D-boy
So I'ma pop on her like kee-loy
And I got that magic like Bruce Leroy
If this isn't it, then love got a a decoy
Ger body sicker than retard
And I bet I got the medicine she need for it
And I bet I got the medicine to keep going
She shoots me happiness and I bleed joy
No band-aid for me boy
I lost my love, yeah they girl got me weak for it
Yeah I see you, and I see you, when I see you
Girl you're the one can I be two
And if your love is clear then I see through
Then they yell clear and I'll pull through
You save my life baby I will too
Then they say