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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Curren$y
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   President
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Uh, yeah, yeah
Hot Spitta, Spitta, south residing
Young Money y'all, Young Money y'all

Figured it's time that I step back from the game
And peep it from a coach's point of view
So I can see how niggas went wrong and how the players was wrong
And I can do it how a pro supposed to do
No mistakes allowed, you get caskets for that shit
The line of scrimmage is waiting
Niggas is blitzing, you could get sacked quick
Drop back like an all star QB
Or the top on that high-end sports car with two seats
You niggas don't comb the pages of the duPont Registry
Looking for vehicles and accessories
Like I do, and every representor of my crew
I get love from cuz and the Pyru
Slide through the drive through of a fast food restaurant
Turn the music down and tell the broad what kind of sauce I want
Scratch off quickly to a main street, intentions to make cheese
Let the windows down and let the purp sing perfectly
The police is peeping me and they don't think that I can see
I know they gon' pull me over and make me get out
But I'm onto 'em, spray the crime
Then kill it and talk calm to 'em
Good day officer, what's the problem?
You looking for answers? I don't got none
I'm from New Orleans and New Orleans don't raise no rats
You know the consequences of your acts, I'm getting money nigga

[Lil Wayne]
Hahaa, I know that's right
Hello world, yeah
Yeah, uh huh, music to fly to coming soon y'all

You can see me on the eastside of New Orleans with a red bitch
Fuck the world, make you walk with a leg twitch
Flow retarded, I'm on some special ed shit
The magnificent, twist it like a dread bitch
And I can get up in the car and drive
And if the record is a smash I can still survive
Yeah, money ain't a thang but everythang to me
Shit I gotta make 'em see no sang to me
Yeah, higher than all of the angels be
And, no I never choke but I strangle beats
And, I am just a player in this game we be
So go blame the referee, don't complain to me
And I used to have a cutlass on stainless feet
Passing all day up Latoya Street
Back when Scarface used to sang to me
Had me feeling like a G was the thang to be
Back when I was peddling my ten-speed bike
Who knew I'd be peddling the six-speed white?
Big dog through the door where the little dogs bite
So if you are female dog, you don't fight
Bitch ass nigga, I ain't got no master
Rich ass nigga, I got all my masters
Bitch ass nigga, I ain't got no master
Rich ass nigga...