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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Dedication 4
Song:   Same Damn Tune
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Tunechi, Drama, same time
Can only be +Dedication+
(Turn the music up in my headphones)

[Lil Wayne]
I'm wildin out on my skateboard, she ridin dick like race cars
My blunt longer than Spaceballs, I'm gettin higher than quasars
I beg your pardon, I egg your noggin, got Nin up in my glove compartment
I'm so short, yellow bus retarded, my flow hard, these niggaz carpet
I'm Tunechi, I do me, smoke doobies, tote uzis
I'll make that bitch cum 'til she come to a conclusion
I'm ill as an illusion, I got B's like a student
Bitch +I Am Not a Human+ and this dick is therapeutic
She say "Tunechi give that dick to me, smoother than a symphony"
Two bad bitches at the same time, symmetry
Murder you no sympathy, got metal like Olympians
Tee put the weed in the blunt like a parentheses
Fuck y'all niggaz I'm gettin me, is you kiddin me? That big booty, them pretty feet
Them Swisher Sweets with that purp, church - with the priest
That red-boned get licked to sleep, she'll wake up and get dicked to sleep
Pickled meat, freaky deak, I test these niggaz with a cheat-sheet
Her clit look like a jelly bean, I'm on that promethazine
Blow yo' ass to smithereens, kush strong like Mr. Clean
I'm a king "I have a dream," money flippin trampoline
Money flippin balance beam, +Fresher+ than the +Prince+ the king and the queen
That's yo' bitch if my celly ring, and I kiss her belly ring
Put that dick up in her spleen, I shine like Afro Sheen
And I eat pussy, she suck dick at the same damn time
That's a 69, then pass it to my slime
I'm skatin and rappin at the same damn time
I said I might retire, but y'all know I be high
I did that time, I paid that fine
Fuck around and go to jail for the same damn crime
For the same damn crime? Nah murder this time~!
Potato on the end of the barrel - french fries
I'm rich bitch, Trukfit in Macy's!
And you pussy niggaz hatin like a racist
"Totally dude," I'm white boy wasted
She can't wait to take her drawers off like braces
Yeah; Scooby got another one, smokin on that bubblegum
Two dutch bitches double dutch, I'm the shit, bubble guts
Nigga get your duffles up, don't know if it's love or lust
Tell that ho to suck it up, she got lips like rubber ducks
That pussy whack, I'm one and done, troublesome I'm troublesome
Got two bitches off twitter, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum
Single ladies, double cuffs, I'm tighter than a cumberbund
Smokin on that strong, my blunt a fuckin muscle punk

Ha ha, ha ha
And I'm gone...
Hahaha~! Yeah
+Dedication 4+ hoe
Future fuck with me!