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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Kevin Rudolf
Album:  Tha Carter IV
Song:   Novacane
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Raindrops from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds do fly

[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, ooh, girl, I love you so
Good lord almighty I'm in love with a whitey
I call her Aphrodite, I call her when I need her
And she give me good love 'til my nose start bleedin
Life is just like movin mountains
And when I can't cope, I'm hittin that slope
That great white hope, and there ain't no pressure
I cain't feel nothin but I never felt better
Hmm, but you were just no good for me
Killin me softly, that girl is poison, huh
I had to let you go, take things slow
But just so you know

[Chorus: Kevin Rudolf]
I'll do it all again if I have the chance
Don't feel the pain (don't feel the pain) like novacane (like novacane)
I'll take the whole world on, I'm feelin so strong
Don't feel the pain (don't feel the pain) like novacane (like novacane)
Like novacane

[Lil Wayne]
You used to make me feel so good
Like I was on top of the world
I'm sorry that I gotta stay away from ya
But that's what the doctor preferred
My friends told me leave you alone
And I just told 'em leave me alone
It's sad how our thing had to end
Our reltationship was short and sweet - Nia Long
And I see her in the streets but I can't bring her home
Man I was on her line all day, no phone
Huh, no Arm & Hammer in my Tony Montana
And truth is


[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, sweet sugar hill
Yeah I used to climb her
I never imagined she turned out to be but a cheap thrill
That's when it turned sour
She gave me power, the world was ours
I used to feel invincible on that flower
But I had to change, yeah I had to change
So I left her for a bitch named Mary Jane
Now everythang is cool, everythang is fine
Girl I'm movin on, I left you behind
But every now and then you pop up on my mind
I might fuck you one last time cause