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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Rick Ross
Album:  Tha Carter IV
Song:   John (If I Die Today)
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"Just saw an alien saucer approaching from the sky.
 Radio contact has been attempted, but cannot be established.
 Instructions are prepare for an attack by an unknown imminent."
[Lil Wayne]
Fo' fo' bulldog, my muh'fuckin pet
I point it at you and tell that muh'fucker fetch
I'm fuckin her good, she got her legs on my neck
I get pussy, mouth, and ass, call that bitch triple threat
When I was in jail she let me call her collect
But if she get greedy, I'ma starve her to death
Top down, it's upset
Been fuckin the world and nigga I ain't cum yet
You fuck wit me wrong, I knock your head off your neck
The flight too long, I got a bed on the jet
The guns are drawn and I ain't talkin bout a sketch
I pay these niggaz with a reality check
Prepared for the worst but still prayin for the best
This game is a bitch I got my hand up her dress
The money don't sleep, so Weezy can't rest
And AK47 is my fuckin address, huuuuuh
[Chorus: Rick Ross, Lil Wayne]
I'm not a star, somebody lied 
I got a chopper in the car (Uh!)
I got a chopper in the car (Uh!)
I got a chopper in the car
   Yeah, load up the choppers like it's December 31st
   Roll up and cock it and hit them niggaz where it hurts
   If I die today, remember me like John Lennon
   Buried in Louis, I'm talkin all brown linen, huh!
[Rick Ross]
Big black nigga, in a icey watch
Shoes on the coupe, bitch I got a Nike shop
Count the profits you could bring 'em in a Nike box
Grindin in my Jordans, kick 'em off they might be hot 
SWISH~! I'm swimmin in a yellow bitch
(BOSS!) In the red 911 lookin devilish
Red beam make a bitch nigga sit down
Thought it were bullet proof 'til he got hit the fifth time
Drop Palmolive in a nigga dope
Make it come back even harder than befo' (Yaaah!!)
Baby I'm the only one that paid your car notes (RO-SAY!)
Well connected, got killers off in Chicago
[Lil Wayne]
Talk stupid, getcha head popped
I got that +Esther+, bitch I'm Redd Foxx
Big Bs' -- Red Sox
I get money to kill time, dead clocks
You fuckin with a nigga who don't give a fuck
Empty the clip, then roll the window up
Pussy nigga sweet, them niggaz Cinnabon
I'm in a red bitch, she said she finna cum
Two hundred thou' on a chain, I don't need a piece
That banana clip, let Chiquita speak
Dark shades, Eazy-E
Five letters, Y-M-C-M-B
Bitch ass nigga, pussy ass nigga
I see ya lookin, witcha lookin ass nigga
You know the rules, kill 'em all and keep movin
If I died today, it'd be a holiday, huh!
[Rick Ross]
I'm not a star, somebody lied 
I got a chopper in the car, so don't make it come alive (Yeah!)
Rip yo ass apart than I put myself together
YMCMB, Double M, we rich forever (HUH!)
The bigger the bullet, the mo' that bitch gon' bang!
Red on the wall, Basquiat when I paint
Red Lamborghini 'til I gave it to my bitch
My first home invasion, pocket gave me forty bricks
Son of a bitch, then I made a great escape
Ain't it funny momma? Only son be bakin cakes
Pull up in the sleigh, hop out like I'm Santa Claus
Niggaz gather 'round, got gifts for each and all of y'all (HAHAHA!!)
Take it home and let it bubble that's the double up
If you get in trouble that just mean you fuckin up (Nigga!)
It's a cold world, I need a bird to cuddle up (Yeaaah)
I call the plays, motherfucker huddle up
[Lil Wayne - Outro]
I'm not a star, somebody lied.... 
I got a chopper in the car...