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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  The Carter 3
Song:   I'm Raw
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Mic check 1, 2 on the way to third
Flow sick, put a straight jacket on my words
So sick, they think that something's in the herb
They think I'm gone, but I'm fine like a woman's curves
My personality is far from your reality, I'm closer to your girl
now come on ho don't embarrass me! There is no comparising
This right here be kerosene, carousel, parasail, I'm higher than everything.
When I spit you can't drink it like your 17
I can show a million pair of eyes that they've never seen
And I can do this in whatever the weather brings
Picasso couldn't paint a better scene, colossal
Now give me the mike and I'll rock like a fucking fossil
I'm mad at the track, and I'll beat it like Hector Cumacho

What's poppin, what it do, what's happenin, what's crackin, que pasa
The hospital, mi casa su casa

I'm bad, I'm rad, and these niggas just squares like plaid
and if they're cool, then I'm cold, I gets money all day like the toll, bitch

I'm raw (x8)
I got my brim low, all I can see is the floor (x2)
I'm raw (x8)
I'm bout to - I'm bout to murder this shit (x2)

I'm a BET soldier; an MTV gangster
I will be on VH1 when I'm done being famous
Explain shit... I have made my way
And you are just a stain bitch, you will fade away
And I only leave my house to paper chase
Yep, off to da jungle, where I feel safe
Like a homerun in the bottom of the 9th inning
And I'm fresh like I'm by Mennen..haa
I'm on the clock like 5 minutes
tryna get passed the line of scrimmage, yeah..
And before I leave her thighs bending
She give me face first like she done dived in it..hahaha
And if she tall I can climb in it;
I usually don't have a time limit
And eating pussy ain't a crime is it
If so, I should start working on my jail visits
You know...
I'm in the game they just sell tickets
Man I got old bread like stale biscuits
You feeling froggy all you gotta do is yell ribbit
Turn ya ass to a statue like an exhibit
Now lets get it , let me at 'em
Leave my cage open
With no pyro I leave the stage smoking's Weezy F. bitch
the best thing since breath bitch

I'm raw (x8)
I got my brim low all I can see is the floor (x2)
I'm raw (x8)
I'm bout to, I'm bout to murder this shit (x2)

It go uptown - uptown operation shut down
Wake up to polices, go to sleep to the gun sounds
And your not a gorilla, your a dead monkey
Cuz I got a banana clip in these Red Monkeys
What you said don't be, afraid to say it twice
And they say life is cheap, until you pay the price
It's just like shaking dice, but I hope you roll a winner
And if you are rat, your just a cobra's dinner
Ya'll ain't fucking with me, you niggas underachieve

Like the light part of my feet
And so what them niggas left me
When they get cold I turns into Wayne Gretsky
G to the N - I do's it like it's never been done
So you can suck my dick with an elephants tounge
It's weezy baby
Motherfucker I spit rabies!

chorus till end