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Artist: Lil Twist f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Don't Get it Twisted
Song:   Love Affair
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[Chorus: Lil Twist]
I'm dealin with this love affair
It used to be just physical
But now it's just too emotional for meeee..
I wanna confess but I can't, tell my girl what I want
So what do I do? Let it burn inside of me
Will I get away or will it end in tragedyyyyy?

[Lil Twist]
Fatal attraction, ready for action
She had a body like Ms. Jackson
I knew there was trouble when she passed by
but she was so fly (Ooooooh..)
She invited me over..
So I hopped in the Rover...
Then my lady called the phone, and I should of went home
But I let the phone roam, and it was like

Ooooooooooooh, I can't keep my shirt onnnnnn...
I swear it's like, ooooooooooooooooh
I can't keep my hands to myseeeeeeelf.. (uh-uh)


[Lil Twist]
I swear that I was done, I'm never goin back
Then she called up, she said I left my hat
Daaaamn, y'know I can't live without my hat - hah!
I got an excuse to double back y'all (back y'all)
So you know I'm gon' have a ball
I said I'm goin back y'all (back y'all)
Believe me, thatís not all
And now I'm like...

[Bridge + Chorus]

[Lil Wayne]
Uh, I got a main bitch, and a mistress
I'm tryin to work it out, I'm on my fitness
Probably won't last, but I'm optimistic
One makes me happy, the other makes a difference
I ain't a player, but I love a lot
She loves me, she loves me not
But it feel good, and it's not supposed to
I eat her insides - mm~! soul food
She put her head back, then her eyes close
We stuck in the moment ,like the time froze
Then my girl call, back to reality
But I keep her in a picture in my heart gallery, oh!

[Bridge + Chorus]

But now it's just too emotional for meeee..