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Artist: Lil Reese f/ R. Kelly
Album:  Haters (S)
Song:   Haters
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: R. Kelly]
I'm in yo mix [x8]

[Verse 1: Lil Reese]
She ain't even my chick but she probably going
See these niggas faces when I pull up in that foreign
Maybe its my style, Maybe its my credit, she say them niggas boring
All we kno is win win bitch yes we scoring
Real nigga shit 300, we dont fuck around
Bad bitches call me just to fuck around
They dont like dicks, they just like for me to dick em down
Tallking bout that goofey ass niggas tryna sit em down
Boi she a star look at that ass straight head spinner
Huh, You see my squad, and we go hard, yes we some bread winners
Yup, That thot there she a runna, 3hunna they'll run ha'
Good head she a goner kush roll double monster
Feds taking pictures so I gotta stop and go
Real talk boy dont run our mouth thats all we know
Me and the hood together foreva like Will and Jada
3hunna we next they forever gone hate us

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Im in yo mix [x8]
And them haters gone hate [x4]

[Bridge: Lil Reese]
Thats all they gone do man
They ain't got no other choice
Shouts out to my bro gods
Chief Keef Lil Durk whats happening broski

[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
Fuck nigga, fuck nigga (fuck nigga)
Fuck nigga, fuck boy Pussy nigga the best is I
You on the stand shots fired man down youll testify
Snitches run they mouth my niggas them niggas we dont play that
Couple drillers come and drill you my nigga right where you stay at
My biggest hater is the reason I can't get no sleep (no sleep)
N-n-no sleep F-fuck the police
Cause I ride out solo dolo, My niggas my family 3hunna
Red beam on the 30 thats a no go, GBE OTF thats the logo
Free five Free law free brudo
Lost some real niggas from a long time ago
Grind time so you know I gotta grind tho
Prime time so you know I gotta shine tho
We riding we riding with a strap or two
And we dont go back and forth like the rappers do
And they say these niggas ain't hating
This Chicago the mufucking Capitol

[Chorus: R. Kelly]