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Artist: Lil Mouse
Album:  Mouse Trap 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   100 Bars Pt. 2
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Posted on the block and the Feds hot
If you trynna run, get a backshot
Everything white in the trap spot
Feds coming back to the trap spot
I don't think he really wanna try me
Won't stop shooting 'till it's empty
You say you getting bandz, but you couldn't be
Riding through your hood in a Bentley
You ain't getting band, get your swag up
Hittaz doing hits and they masked up
You say you counting band, get your bag up
Nigga try me, get bagged up
Doing 150 in the Jag truck
The nigga with the 30 better bag up
You ain't getting money, you bad luck
Bandz after bandz, they add up
All these niggas acting like they know me
I guess it's 'cause I'm balling like I'm Kobe
Jigga he a shooter like GinĂ³bili
Kill a fuck nigga if he owe me
I saw the opps talking to the police
Riding in a Brink truck 4 deep
Leave a fuck nigga dying slowly
Then lay low from the police
Fresh head to toe, I'm designed up
Catch an opp nigga, he get lined up
A lot of real niggas they behind us
Posted on the block with the 9 tucked
Shooters, they will put you on a T-Shirt
See a fuck nigga [?] first
All that sneak dissing get your team murked
Bodies they be dropping 'cause my team first
I ain't up next, bitch I'm up now
Yo main ho get buzzed down
All these thots get buzzed down
100 in the K, now it's man down
Catch him, I'm a feel him up with hot shit
Ridin' through my block, making cops flip
R.I.P. my niggas that's not here
Your niggas fake, they not real
It's real in the field, so I don't lack
Got a 'Rari with the Forgi's painted all black
If you hating on my squad you need to fall back
Riding through the opps hood, now they all whacked
All these diamonds in my chain, bitch I'm iced out
Banger on me, if you on me, then it's lights out
Coming through your front door with the pipes out
All my niggas trynna blow, so it's man down
Mouse lock them in the [?] goin' crazy
Bitches see me and they go crazy
Niggas from my hood shoot daily
Catch them, then I'm shooting like Katie
If you want beef, we will spray
I'm in Maison and I spent a 100 bandz
I'm getting money and you know I'm the man
Bitch I'm ballin', got a bitch in my Lamb
Ain't no lackin' in the case you get caught up in the [?]
I'm in traffic with the racks and I'm blammin'
If he talkin' then the chopper leave him layin'
Bullets hit a nigga, leave him where whe stand
Cop the foreign, off the lot I'm getting bandz
Homicide on your block, now he layin'
I got shooters that will shoot you, they ain't playin'
If you catch you while it's on him then we sprayin'