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Artist: Lil Happy Lil Sad
Album:  Paradise (S)
Song:   Paradise
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got blood on my wrist when I think about you
All the drugs got me lit girl I sink without you
All my feelings are mixed when I drink without you
Girl I have to admit that I dream about you
At least I'm in paradise
I'm so fucking high
I just wish I didn't see you when I close my eyes
I'm so dead inside
Girl, I need you now
But you left me feeling empty I just wanna die

I'll pull up with the blade girl I swear I'll cut you
If I take my life I will fuck you up too
Imma bring you down you gon beg me not to
Imma hold your hand when I kill us both tho
Imma take you to paradise
Girl don't fucking cry
If you make another sound I will put you down
I'll do it here and now
So shut your fucking mouth
Let the blade lead the way to the afterlife