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Artist: Lil Happy Lil Sad f/ Poppy Tears
Album:  Losing It All (S)
Song:   Losing It All
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Lil Happy Lil Sad]
I think about you when I'm smoking my dope
When I need you the most
Will you hit up my phone girl
Cause sometimes I'm just losing it all
I cant hide it from you
And it just feels so wrong girl

I don't wanna scare you off
Girl I want you here
And I want you to like me
I don't wanna scare you off
Girl I'm such a mistake
And I need you to love me

[Poppy Tears]
You've been on mind like 24/7
When I wake up beside you girl I think I'm in heaven
And when I'm inside you, all the pain falls away
Long blonde hair, blue eyes, I escape

And you take care of me when slumped
I've got a bleeding heart and it stopped for once
I stood on a cliff and thought I'd jump
You made me step back cause I wanted your love