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Artist: Lil Happy Lil Sad
Album:  Gone Girl (S)
Song:   Gone Girl
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(Lil happy lil sad)

I cry myself to sleep
I can't let it go
I try to numb my feelings
But I'm bout to blow
Smokin' all this weed
Barely helps no more
Baby, I am bleeding
Ashes on the floor

Will you help me
Get back on my feet
Going crazy
Lost all energy
Slit wrist syndicut
Cryin' with my team
When I go thru stuff
We pour up and drink

I don't miss you anymore, you're not in my head
Since you left I got 2 new laying in my bed
They love me, they so cool and I'm in love with them
I sing about my life, I think I'm doing well

I don't miss you
Now you're gone girl
I don't fit you
I write songs now girl
I can't fix you
But I still do care
I destroyed you
Now its lessons learned