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Artist: Lil Bibby f/ Anthony Hamilton, Jadakiss
Album:  Free Crack II (Mixtape)
Song:   Water (Remix)
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[Chorus: Lil Bibby & Anthony Hamilton]
Said I gotta keep my head above water
I been goin' hard gotta go a lil harder
I been thinking smart gotta think a lil smarter
All I know is hustle, get that shit regardless
Said I gotta keep my head above water
Catch me in the kitchen I be whippin' with the water
Family over niggas, blood thicker than water
All I know is hustle, get that shit regardless

[Verse 1: Lil Bibby]
Remember I was tryna stay afloat
Now I'm out here making dough
Let's make a toast, I'm the youngest nigga with the greatest flow
Yo, they wasn't round when I needed help
Trying not to drown, now I feel like Michael Phelps
Made myself a boss, y'all niggas on that dumb shit
Young shit, like he paralyzed, he don't run shit
Dumb prick, if we go, boy we gon hunt shit
The guns are sitting, grind with billionaires in the truck and shit
You was laid up, I stayed up
Counting cake up, bagging weight up
I funded niggas, time to pay up
I need it pronto, my gun's fully auto
Something like Picasso how I paint pictures
I done touched 6 figures, I'm the same nigga
And when you touch 7, watch out for these hating niggas
It's real, young Bibby, flow of the century
Still never leave my brothers, there will never be another


[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Gotta keep my head above water
Twins on the way, one son and one daughter
25 to life, they hit my nigga with a quarter
Now every time he see the sergeant he wanna slaughter
Game don't stop, a nigga still taking orders
Put it on the block soon as it come across the border
Guns everywhere, you'd think a nigga was a hoarder
Leave you in a wheelchair, cane, or walker
I'm dealing with the slick talk, pain and torture
Show up at your funeral, I came to support you
Tell em what to do to you, I am the enforcer
All I do is keep it straight, I will never cross you
Only fuck with 9 11 when I'm in the Porsche
I be talking drug shit, sorry I lost you
CSI, First 48, Law and Order
Catch me in the kitchen, I be whipping with the water