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Artist: Lil Uzi Vert
Album:  All Night (S)
Song:   All Night
Typed by: AZ Lyrics


Fuck nigga
Bitch nigga
Snitch nigga

Cardo, Cardo, what up Cardo?

Rich nigga

Dis dat bruised up in a bar fight
Fcukin' all on a prostitute like all night (All night)
Dat n! gga got shot in the head so: all white
I spent 35 thousand on all flights
Look at yo bitch on my dick (all on my dick): Ooh
You like my cum right?
I got the sauce right?
She all on my wood like that bitch is a termite
Told her nigga that the tables turn baby
Is it alright?
Is the turn right? (Is the turn right?)
Or is the terms right?
Motherfucker eat the curb right (Yeah!)

[Verse 1]
Bullet eat through you: it burn right?
Nigga went left: he ain't earn right
He better than me: that's absurd right?
He not a Jr.: he the third right?
I really did trap: you ain't earn stripes
Don't fuck with rats so I curve mice
Water my necklace: I earn ice
[?] my digits: I put you commission
I got the money: yeah that is the mission
I just be whippin' the white in the kitchen
All of these niggas not with it: they bitchin'
Most of these niggas are here to be snitchin'
Look at my necklace: then look at my wrist
Now look at my ring: Lil Uzi the richest
I'm not on the Yankees: I'm not on the Cardinals
I'm not on the White Sox
But I just be pitchin'
I'm smokin' the gas: Now I'm gon' off the Buddha
These niggas shoot at me: I swear they be missin'
I'm beating the pot then I'm beating the pussy
I'm beating the nigga up like I am Sonny Liston
I flex on my exes: No I'm not from Texas
But I just be saucin' and drippin' and drippin'
Saucin' and drippin' and saucin' and drippin'
And saucin' and drippin' and drippin' and drippin' (saucin'!)


[Verse 2]
Used to drink more Fiji water than water
Now I drink more water than Fiji
People like Beanie
Free my lil brother Lil Leafy
Talkin' that shit: bake you just like some ziti
I got a cousin named [?], Raheem, Diamond, Khalil, Beanie and [?]
Back in the days on [?]
Used to smoke on that reggie: watch pornos on CD's
All my OG's had TV's in the headrest
You know in the brand new Lexus
I'm on my soap opera shit
I am so young and the restless
Sometimes I feel like I'm Drama
I am so young and I'm reckless
My dad had that motorcycle
Fucking up the intersection
He was getting that street money
Getting that shit by the ese
Moving that work: it was heavy (moving that work)
He is still here that is a blessing (yeah!)
I am Raf Simons dressing
I am Rick Owens stepping
Bad bitch on Instagram and I hit that direct message