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Artist: Lil Uzi Vert
Album:  The Real Uzi (Mixtape)
Song:   I'm Sorry
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

{Count that money}

I bet you are my loverr
Bout' to cut her off I'm sorryy
And you know I could't trust herr
Tell that bitch don't call mee
Hunnit bands on me I'm sorryy
And I'm off that lean I'm sorryy
And I'm bout to get that rarii
So tell that bitch I'm sorry

[Verse 1]
Now I'm gettin' moneyy
Sure that bitch gone call me
But back when I was fucked upp
I said that bitch yea she ain't call me
So I ain't worry bout a hoee
Ever since I got my bands upp
And if you talking bout my bands bruhh
I swear tht you would get blamed upp
Yea we just goin crazyy
And my niggas yea they soilderss
A nigga thought he told yaa
Fn57 with no holsterr
I would pop a nigga and show yaa
I been gettin money thought I rolled upp
Yea I need the rari its so new bruhh
And I don't know the name
Nigga I don't know the name
But a nigga [?]


[Verse 2]
Sorry girl, I'm so sorry
I'm countin bands yea I told you I'm so sorry
I got that money, for that I'm sorry
Now what you got broke boy I'm sorry
We got everything, that you want
We fucked them bitches up yea I can't front
Yea we got it all in nigga
I'm flexinn, I'm flexinn, Finessin!
I said that I; m so sorry for everything that you couldn't do but I put in for
I am so sorry, that ya bitch done left and she fuckin with a rich boi

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
Said I'm so sorry, Yeaa I'm so sorry [x2]


I'm definitely not sorry!