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Artist: Lil Rob f/ Lil' J The Mex Connect
Album:  Uncut for the Calles Mextape Vol. Uno
Song:   For The Streets
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[Lil' J]
Yeah, I got the microphone peaker right now
That's right, baby, real talks in the busi'

[Verse 1: Lil' J]
It go
One for the money
Two for the show
Three for the streets out there, gettin' dough
Go deep in the 'Llac and I'm in to promote
I can get you what you need, with a tax 
But on the low
I don't do new faces
I know gettin' bases, could get me cases
Leaving no traces when I'm on the clock
I don't raise shit down, brown on my spot
And ain't no blocks, but I supply me a few
I've never been shot, but I done shot me a few
We do what we do, we do this well
You heard of Sean Carter, let me introduce Joel
And motherfuck it again, fuck about jail
You do, live everyday, gettin' a sale
Who wants to talk, mama's house be on the news
For roughin' up tools
Drugs and two's
We live a fool and you don't have to question mine
Come with heart in mind, one strong spine
Make 'em press rewind, this one for my kind
Finger to the sky, ringer (???), til I die

Break: Nasty
"You heard of Sean Carter, let me introduce Joel" --> Lil' J
"Lil Rob"
"Lil Rob" --> Lil Rob

[Verse 2: Lil Rob]
These fuckin'
Levas talk like little bitches, man, fuck you, bitches (Fuck 'em bitches)
I'm in the studio, gettin' high
Spittin' vicious (Yeah)
Merry Christmas
Nasty gots the beats, and (???) the ritcher
I represent Tres Flores, me, my brother and my sister (Yeah)
I come from a place where the pants flaggin' off the wall
Livin' off the wall like handball, and I'm tryin' not to fall (Trying not to fall)
Take an oldie, and I flip it, and I rip it
Locked up my six-tres Chevrolet (That's right)
And then I tip it (Yeah)
Shoutouts for Lil' J for comin' this way and bringing me by
Gettin' me high, with sticky purple, gettin' me by
Makin' time fly like my ramfla, when I'm runnin'
From the placa
Twelve Eighteen, L.R., La Raza
I make the ladies go bananas
Catch me in my brim, my locs and my bandana
No matter what, I keep 'em low, though
Just like I keep my low-low, gotta keep 'em on the low-low