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Artist: Lil' Rob f/ Tee Dre, Dominator (Central Coast Clique)
Album:  Still Smokin'
Song:   Leva, Leva, Leva, Leva Die
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Leva, leva, leva, leva
Leva, leva, leva, leva

[Verse 1: Tee Dre]
You better run for
Cover motherfuckers and think of somethin' fast
Before you end up just another bitch who couldn't last
Ain't no games, to be played, unless you ready for some combat
It's 1998 and all these jealous got me straped
Sleeping with my eyes open, quick to draw my gun
Got me hopin' and prayin' that I don't end up the next one
Don't make me unleash a couple rounds, just to let you know
This little motherfucker ain't afraid to unload
Dumpin' shells all over the street, steady servin' heat
Til I'm the only soldier just standin' on my feet
I'm really tryin' to make this situation very clear
Ain't a man alive, on this earth, that I fear
Now we can handle this confrontation, any way you want
Just as long you don't act like a bitch or a cunt
I must admit there's absolutely no respect for those who fake it
So hold on tight, to your life, cause we just might have to take it
Locked and loaded, fully automatic, just in case
Finger on the trigger, spittin' hollow points all over the place
Ready to rumble, (???) of ammunition
Prepare to brutaliate any competition

Chorus: Dominator
Leva, leva, leva, leva
Leva, take a bullet in the eye
Leva, leva, you're gonna die
From the 805, to the 619
Leva, leva, leva, leva
Go for your's, I'm gonna go for mine
Leva, leva, you're gonna die
Cappin' the fools who makin' waste of time

[Verse 2: Dominator]
A rough motherfucker from '75
A down ass Mexican, I'm still alive
Corazon in the heart as steel, motherfucker
Flowin' on the mic, ain't no big deal
Because I'm down for mine, I'll rob a puto blind
Take his life, holmes, I don't waste time
We won't have the time to drop a dime on me
The A-R-T, the motherfuckin' T
Another mission, so I'm on the run
The one I got
But I had to take your life with a gun
Killin' motherfuckers just ain't no thing
If I ain't gonna do it
He's gonna die anyway
From a gangbang (Gangbang)
Or a drug thang (Drug thang)
Swept off his feet
From a coke slang
Who of my partners gonna die next
Either torcherd in hell, as if they havin' a rest

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Lil' Rob]
Lil' Rob comin' back to haunt ya
What you got to
Say about, what you did to me, you gotta be kiddin' me
Bullshitin' me
I can give a fuck about your vida
Your better believe you'll meet the
Nine millimeter
So be a
Walking dead man, until
I arrive
Cap, stingin' your ass, like you were playin' with a bee hive
Look behind you
What you find?
Mind's on your murder, when your murder's on my mind
All the time I
Tried to think about somethin' else
But I see the murder in you, would kill off a motherfuckin' self
And I don't
Think it's time for me to go
When it's time for me go, I won't go quiet
Soundin' like the 4th of July when I die
Or maybe World War II
As I drop the fuckin' bombs on you
What the fuck you gon' do
Lil' Rob be the fuckin' baddest
Mexicano with the baddest, leavin' you levas in a casket

Repeat Chorus Twice

Leva, leva, leva, leva
Leva, leva, leva, leva