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Artist: Lil' Rob f/ Aki Starr
Album:  Oldie Collection (Compilation)
Song:   I'm Coming Home
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Lil' Rob]
It's Lil' Rob
You know
I'm always on the road
But no matter where I'm at
I can't wait to get back home, I'm coming

Chorus: Aki Starr {Lil' Rob}
I'm coming home
To you, girl
I can't stay gone too long, be here for my girl
I get so high (Over you, girl)
I get so high (Shoo, wah-wah, yoo)

(Verse 1)
See, I can't stay away too long, my addiction is just
Way too strong, gotta get back home
Can't wait to get it on
Daddy's home
No need to be alone
And when I'm gone, can't wait to get back
Walk out the door, I miss you, turn around and kiss you
One more time like it's my last time
You never know, that's why I hate to go
Then I'm a thousand miles away
Wish I could stay
But I got a chase to pay, I made my life this way
I miss you every day in every way
And I'll be home on, Saturday
A week from this Saturday
You're always on my mind, like all the time
So it'll always be this way

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
No matter where I go, I'm coming home to you
I love knowin' you and all the things you do
When you don't even have a clue
But I really do, yes, I really do
And I just have to say how bad I want ya
I don't know what I would do without ya
It'd be a lonely avenue, cause I like havin' you around
A pretty smile, sexy style
That'll always drive me wild
That'd keep me comin' home to you and you alone
It's been too long, any time I'm gone
Don't need no street prescriptions when I got you
To make me feel the way that you do
You get me high
And that's why

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Lil' Rob]
Damn, baby
No matter where I go, no matter where I'm at
My mind's on gettin' back to you
You see
I don't only want you, baby, but I need you
And the need is so strong
It's almost like that of a junkie
See, I can't be away for too long, baby

(Verse 3)
It doesn't matter where I'm at, my mind's on gettin' back
Wake up at the crack of dawn, pack up, then I'm gone
Gotta catch a plane, then the train, then switch lanes
It's insane
But I'm comin' home to you, that's what I love to do
I'd travel anywhere
Just to have some of you
You get me so high, and that's why

Repeat Chorus Twice