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Artist: Lil' Rob
Album:  Natural High
Song:   Wickie Wicked *
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* Originally released on the Southsider Riders, Vol. 4 compilation album

What's up...
I think I saw him standing over there just a minute ago...
Lil' Rob...
He's pretty bad on the mic, ya know...
Tigga-tai, tigga-tai, ta-tai, tai, ta-tiggity
Ti, tai, ta-tiggy-tiggy-tai-tai, rrrrhaaa

[Lil' Rob]
Lil' Rob...
Lil' Rob...
It's the wickie wicked (Wickie wicked...)

[Verse 1: Lil' Rob]
Putos step and trip, I rip 'em apart, from the heart to the brain
I remain the same (Same)
And I won't change
You can't stop it, so stop this nonsense
People got this, because they want this
So watch 'em bump this
Little cholo, oh no, Lil' Rob comin' with the steelo, my
Lyrics are like the bullets out of a cuete, it's time to reload
And reload
And make sure, I never run out of ammunition
Til I finish my mission
All the mistakes that these putos make
Homie, grow up
Shuttin' doors in your face, so that you can't blow up
Do you know who you're fucking with?
Lil' Rob con connectas
Leva, you can bet your bottom dollar
I'm the one they cannot follow as I lead the way
And I'll say no to them bottles that you need some day
Never fuck
With the calm one
The one that likes to kick it
It's me, the sly
The slick
The wickie wickie wickie wicked (Wicked...)

[VMF]      Yeah
           That's the way to do it
[Lil' Rob] It's the wickie wicked
[VMF]      Oh yeah
           That's the way to do it
[Lil' Rob] It's the wickie wicked

Hook: VMF {Lil' Rob}
Wickie wickie wickie wicked (wicked)
Wickie wickie wickie wicked (wicked) {It's the wickie wicked}
Wickie wickie wickie wicked (wicked)
Wickie wickie wickie wicked (wicked) {It's the wickie wicked}

[Verse 2: Lil' Rob {VMF}]
Take the negative
And turn it into positive energy
The people in my memory
Remember me
It'll never be
The way you want it to be, it's not in my destiny, don't mess with me
You envy me
Offendin' me
I'll let it be
Well can it be
I be the only one who knows them rules, all these fools keep
Yappin', wanted me to yap too, but it won't happen
Cause I know you lose respect when you talk pedo
Report the dedo
Chinga tu respecto, porque no lo quiero, no lo
Necesito, suavecito es mi steelo
Givin' 'em smooth ambitions
Like a genie, I grant wishes
Look and listen to the magician, got more tricks
Up my sleeve
Than I need, hocus pocus, abracadabra, my lyrics'll grab ya
And make you press rewind more than a couple of times
Where the fuck do I reside {wickie wicked 619}
It's with me they wanna kick it
The one, keepin' 'em sick and twisted
Lil' Rob, the sly, the slick, the wickie wickie wickid (Wicked)

Repeat Hook Twice

[Verse 3: Lil' Rob]
It's the Satanical, magical, Lil' Rob came to battle
I'm comin' at you with horns, my mother regrets I was born
And I know you like it like porn, treats the streets like whores, leave 'em torn
And I drop my rhymes like the storm on their brains, it pours, I take form
I just be the baddest you see, representin' city, it's the invisible
You can't see me cause I be extraordinary
And I hold my own manuscript to all of the shit that I kick with
But ever since I was born, I was diagnosed to be sick
Oh man, take a breather
And one more thing before I leave ya
Suprised that I'm back, of course you are, I'm the torturor
Lil' Rob
The Mexicano sorceror

Bridge: VMF
Lil' Rob has come to town
To see who he could rock
He blew away, and the crew he faced
Even when he reached our block
He's the wickie wicked

Repeat Hook Twice

I told you he was bad on the mic, man...
You should've believed me when I said...
That he was bad...
Lil' Rob...
And who has the last laugh now?