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Artist: Lil' Rob
Album:  Natural High
Song:   I Remember
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[Lil' Rob]
I want you to sit back...
Close your eyes...
And think of all those wonderful times...
That we used to have...
Now I know things aren't the way they used to be right now...
But they are, gonna get better some day...
And I know that...

[Verse 1]
Ever since I was about twelve, that's when they documented me
A gang member, let me tell you my
Autobiography (autobiography...)
I can't let it
Turn me frenetic
It must have been genetic
To get in trouble with the law
Take what I break
I spray at the walls, that's what I used to do
Smokin' a joint or two
Lil' Rob (Lil' Rob) gettin' a little blazed
Walkin' through my concrete maze, remember the days (remember the days)
'Member goin' to school, party by the tracks, smokin' a sack
With the vato that I sold it to, get him stoned, then I jack it back
'Member the guero, he used to look at us all
Funny and strange
Cause my pants was bigger than theirs, but now they all
Wear 'em the same (Yeah)
I used to get jealous, wonderin' why, I never had the same rights
Is it because I'm burnin' natos down, eatin' menudo, frijoles and rice?
Someone explain to me, all of this insanity
I'm not understandin' you, never understandin' me (never understanding)
When a minority gets their priorities straight
We become the majority
An incredible rate, controllin' our fate, controllin' our states
And I can't
'Member you told me I'd never amount to anything
That I'll probably be on the streets, sellin' mota
Or methamphetamines
So what?
It made me an extra buck
When I was, shit out of my luck
You'd do the same thing, homie, if you were stuck

[Chorus: Lil' Rob]
And I remember
When time was easy
That's what everybody says, but not me
Wicked ass times on S.D. streets
But I still love them (Love them...)
And had to have them (Have them...)

[Vocal Bizz]
And I remember
Remembering the things
We used to do
Places we used to go

[Verse 2]
And I remember kickin' it under the street lamp
Smokin' a jay (Smokin' a jay)
Hearing my homie say, "Hey homie, pass the joint this way" (Alright)
And this was everyday and every night
Was the same
We didn't call each other by the first or last, but by nicknames
Pee wee
Oso Negro
To name a few
One passed away
Rest in peace, the others locked away
In prison blues
'Member the things we used to do
Can nobody take it away from us
We used to live life dangerous
Time flew away like angel dust
Leva known as pests, pesta, so levas
Stay away from metiches and chepas
Talkin' mentiras, cause they can't beat us
Lil' Rob
On his lowrider
For munecas
Like Aztecas
But when it comes to love
Leave all of the agony for the ecstasy
What comes around, goes around, so baby
don't mess with me, don't, be testing me
Cause Lil' Rob be
One of a kind, original individual
Unforgettable, memorable, indelible


[Vocal Bizz]
And I remember
I remember
The things, we used to do
The places we used to go, yeah

(Verse 3)
Leave all of my love to mi madre, padre
Brother and sister
And all of my sangre
Chale (Chale)
Me vale
Estas afuera, mirando padentro
You wanna come in, but you can't
Cause we're not in love with no mensos
Threw you away like a pencil
Kill you away like a stencil
Just when you think you had a grip on life
That's when you let go (When you let go)
Ready, set, go
It's a race to the finish, and only the best gonna win this
And I'm prepared to take you to outer limits or until it's finished business
What is this?
Gente becomin'
I don't know nothin', I don't hear nothin'
I don't see nothin', somethin' I learned as a kid
Along with respect, those who respect you
Forget about the ones that will forget about you (About you)
My recollection is a collection of a big collection of mi vida
I need ya
Like a junkie needs his cheeba
I wish that I could go back
And do it all over again
But I know that ain't happenin'
And so I sit rememberin'


[Vocal Bizz]
And I remember
I remember
Everything we used to do
And I remember 
Oooh, me and my homies
Underneath the street lights
Gettin' high
And I remember
Oh, when we used to play, shoot 'em up
Bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang (Bang...)