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Artist: Lil Rob f/ David Wade
Album:  Neighborhood Music
Song:   Can We Ride
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[Chorus: David Wade]
I need you by my side
Baby can we ride
Cuz they'll never be another like you baby
I want you in my life
Let me come inside
Cuz no other can make me feel the way that you do

[Lil Rob]
You look so good standing there, and I can't help but stare
You got me Dancing In The Rain like Fred Astaire
Homeboys wanna talk their shit, but I don't care
I just wanna run my fingers through your hair
Hold your hand and hope you feel the vibe too
You're beautiful mija, I think I like you
I'd like to invite you
To hit the town if you'd like to, I bet you light up the night too
There's something about you, that tells me not to leave without you
And so I'm not about to, I'm glad that I found you
You effect everyone around you in a good way, everyday's a good day
You have a smile that drives me wild
You carry yourself with class and style
The kind of girl that I've been searching for
But I don't think I need to search no more, you're such a score


[Lil Rob]
You could be in the desert, lost without a place to go
But we'd be so in love tat we wouldn't even know
Who needs a tv and who needs a radio
I don't need nothing, just me and my babydoll
You need anything at all give me a call
No matter how big no matter how small
The problem may be, doesn't matter call me baby
I'd like to speak with you, I'd like to spend a week with you
To get to know each other, to find out that we're for each other
You for me, me for you, us for one other
And I can't see it any other way
I imagine us on a sunny summer day
With the top down, your hair blowing in the wind
You look so good and I feel good within
And I think I owe it all to you
There's nothing that my babydoll can't do, I fucking love you


[Lil Rob]
I wish you could look me in the eye
So you could see my soul and know
That I'm the guy that never wants to make you cry, you'd be my life
Kiss you goodnight, wouldn't wanna go to sleep cuz I'd miss you at night
And that's why I keep you in my dreams
Until I figure out whatever it means
I gotta find the nerve to let you know
And once I have you I won't let you go, let you go

[David Wade]
No matter what I gotta do
I'ma give my love to you
I'ma show you that I need you
Let me show you that I care
No matter what I gotta say
I'ma make sure that you stay
In my life forever more
Babygirl you're the one I've been looking for