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Artist: Lil' Rob
Album:  High Till I Die
Song:   Natural High (High Till I Die) (Remix)
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{*Vocal Bizz harmonizing*}
{*lighter spark*}

[Lil' Rob]   What's up?
             Lil' Rob
             Back on my own
             The way it should be
             The only way that it can be
             Let's take to the sky (Let's take to the sky...)
[Vocal Bizz] Take to the sky

[Lil' Rob]
(Verse 1)
Pack my pipa full of grifa
Just like my woman
I could never leave her, cheat her, need her
So I take a puff {*inhale*}
And another puff {*inhale*}
Exhale, then I take a breather {*exhale*}
Cause I'll take my time and do it right
I know where I'll be tonight
Cloud number nine in my mind
Feelin' fine
This is mine
You wanna get high, well come back another time
When you really wanna fly
Cause I plan to take it to the point
Where I don't know my name
Won't even know where I'm at, but want to come back
To this place
Where I sit
I rather get lit til I take a hit
In the pipe
Or a spliff, I hit it swiff, God's gift
To this world, got me in a twirl, in a whirl
Everything I see is plural
I'm just blazin'
And I can't
Lie, smokin' crepe au chocolate tye
Lemon teardrops fallin' from my eye
Take to the sky, on my natural high
Til the day I die

Chorus: Vocal Bizz
Til I die
I wanna get
High, so high
High, on a natural high

[Vocal Bizz]
Yeah, I wanna get high

(Verse 2)
I can smoke it on my own
Leva, leave me alone
I'm in my zone
Stoned to the bone
In the dark
Sittin' in the park
Forgettin' everything that hurts my heart
So I spark another joan, what's the poem?
From reality
Into a fantasy
That sensuality
Feel the passion
When the smoke is passin'
Everlastin' type of bud
When I smoke my buds
Takes me to a place
Smile upon my face
Cause she sets me free
From the things I see
Let me be somebody, hear my plea, it's only me
I'd rather be lonely
Roll it on my own
Cause I hold my own
Toke it on my own
Used to think of dyin', now I think of flyin', like I've never flown
Spread my wings and fly, why I lie, it's
Something that I can't deny
Take to the sky, on my natural high
Til the day I die

Repeat Chorus

[Vocal Bizz]
Sing it, Lil' Rob, yeah, yeah

(Verse 3)
Life is like a maze
Gots me in a craze
So I hide away in marijuana's maze
Change my evil ways, stayin' half a day
Captured in the rapture, love the way she plays
Gots me feelin' weariness, dizziness
Love it when I feel like this, I'm real like this
Smokin' all this flavored shit
It's time to call it quits
But once again, my lighter flicks
And I take another puff {*inhale*}
Just can't get enough
Of this happiness
Smoking canibus
Devotion to my potent potions' what I've chosen {*exhale*}
Love it when my time is frozen
Gots me in that motion like I'm close to floatin'
Takin' to the sky
When I want to fly
And I'm
Sittin' on My Cloud like Joe Bataan
Don't stop now, la grafipa on
And I'm gone
It's the wicked, slick and sly, type of guy, with
Somethin' that you can't deny
Take to the sky, on your natural high
Til the day you die

Repeat Chorus

[Vocal Bizz]
Check this out
Lil' Rob
Pass me another one
Oh, oooh, feels so good
Feels so good, yeah
Up in my chest
No stress
No stress
Smokin' on Mary
Ooohwee, ooohwee
I wanna get
So high
So high
So high
So high
On a natural high