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Artist: Lil' Rob
Album:  Crazy Life
Song:   If You Should Lose Me (You'll Lose a Good Thing)
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[Lil' Rob]
What's up, ese?
It's me
Lil' Rob
It's me, ese
So you thought I was gone, huh?

(Verse 1)
Gotta go, cause I know that the jura is comin' on after me
Gotta keep it cool, I don't wanna give 'em a reason for blastin' me
Gotta get the hell out
Before the blaka come and take me in
I'm in this to win, let's begin, but God, forgive me of all my sins (But when)
I'm pullin' my rhymes and having no time for anything else
Just call me the wicked witchdoctor, cause I'm the vato droppin' the spells
Don't get me confused, I'm not those vatos from Cleveland
It's Lil' Rob gangster
Simon, the Diego demon
Fiendin' for more, knockin' down your door with the beats that hump and thump
Got the yesca and cerveza so that we can (Get fucked up)
Now I'm, feelin' real good, not just good, I'm feelin' tipsy and dizzy
Some heinas come to my town
And now they're askin', "Who is he?"
Referrin' to me, so
I said, "Con permiso
Can I get with you?"
She said "Are you ready?"
And I said "Estoy listo"
Pass me the piston
Then I want you to pass me my leno
I'm in love with Mary Jane
Livin' life no mas y no menos, menso
So don't even try to put me down, cause what comes around goes around
You see, you try to put me down but I come up
Won't get myself stuck if you heinas act stuck up
Cause I get mine anyways, any days, see when I do it, I do it in many ways
Many ways, anyways
Now I
Jump In The Ride, hit side to side
We slide and glide, throwin' up the brown pride
So you'll keep runnin', and runnin', but I bet you can't hide
Because I'm on the prowl, and now, livin' life to the fullest
The foolish, it's Lil' Rob and Happy, it can't be
And so they ask how I do this
Never ever lettin' nobody get me down, but
My smilin' faces cry later
Simon, I've got a shot in the face
But I felt a pain that's much greater
Please don't make me tell you what it was, but I'll probably say when I'm buzzed
Now listen to what I bring, if you should lose me, you'd lose a good thing

Chorus: VMF
"You should lose me
Oh yeah
You'll lose a good thing"
"You should lose me
Oh yeah
You'll lose a good thing" --> Barbara Lynn

(Verse 2)
Simon, now I'm the vato
Bringin' the oldies straight back from the past (Past)
Cause I'm that
Vato that wants to make 'em last (Last)
So when I'm
Rollin' through your town, let me hear my sounds bumpin', thumpin' and humpin'
Leaving you levas in shock
As I pull the yesca from my, sock
They call me Crypt Keeper, cause I'm sellin' reifer
I could be the Grim Reaper
Cause if you want to mess around, I could keep you in the forever sleeper
So when I start comin', you better start runnin'
I'm the vato that's gunnin'
And lettin' levas fall to the ground, and holmes, I think it's funny
When I'm rollin' down the block, I think to myself, ese
It takes
Nothin' for me to slip and trip on
Oh God, I gotta get a grip on life
Before I end up in a place where the veteranos told me not to go
(???) valley or Chino
Gotta say what's up to my homeboy Dreamer
Whose dreams just didn't really come true
Even though you're torsido, the whole barrio is thinkin' of you
Road dogs for life, you were even there when mine was almost taken
We're livin' our lives to the edges
But comin' to take my life, fools can't let this
Go on, roll on, let me tell you how it all goes down, ese
When, your living that crazy life, a knife, hell no, has gotta be a cuete
Cause nowadays, you can't be caught
I'm flippin'
I'm rippin' it up cause now I'm
I don't care what they think about me and
I don't care what they say (Aw, naw)
I don't care what they think if you're bleedin'
I'm gonna leave you to lay
Rest in pain, insane in the brain
Es todo esta bueno
Just pass me my leno, keepin' it hot just like a jalapeno
What I say applies to everything
If you should lose me, you'd lose a good thing
If you should lose me, you'd lose a good thing

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Lil' Rob]
And now you know

"You'll lose a good thing"
"You'll lose a good thing"
"You'll lose a good thing"
"You'll lose a good thing"
"You'll lose a good thing"
"You'll lose a good thing"