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Artist: Lil Peep
Album:  Live Forever (Mixtape)
Song:   Give U the Moon
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Baby I could give u the moon
You know he can't do what I do
Yeah It's true
Girl I think I'm dying real soon
We could die in my room
Me and you
Ima keep you in mind
While I drive right by
Say goodbye to the nice guy
I'm wasting my time
Giving you rhymes
You gotta give me a dime
Before I do that again
And I ain't trippin I'm high
In the trunk of the Benz
Is where my women reside
Where my women will die
I ain't got no friends
And I don't listen to y'all
I'm equipped for the fall
And the winter and all
When the summer come
I'ma have enough to get the fuck out
I could buy a truck and
Drive that motherfuckin truck out (skrr)
Trying to buy luck
If you don't die that means you lucked out
I ain't tryna fuck
I see the moon and bug the fuck out