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Artist: Lil Peep
Album:  California Girls EP
Song:   Beat It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, I thought I had a feeling before
And now you closing the door
Because you don't want me coming in
Yeah, I know I seen you before
Friday night at the store
You had another boy to hold your hand..

Okay now I see ya bitch
You wan't me to beat it bitch?
I ain't finna beat it - no, no
She said "why you so conceited, Bitch?
Yeah, I got my reasons Bitch
Why the fuck you geekin hoe? Oh..
Blood on the nikey switch
Cause I had to bite the bitch
Blood steady leaking hoe - Oh
Shawty looking tasty though
Free Yung Bruh, Lil Tracy, Hoe
I make shawty scream it - Oh, oh
I'ma' lil angel doe'
I can see your anger doe'
I just can't believe it - Oh, oh
She said I'm in danger - Woah
I don't see no danger though
I'm the one that's creeping - Oh, oh
Maybe I'll see you at the strip club
Maybe I'll never see your ass again
Maybe I'll see you when the gigs up
Why you faking, why you playing pretend?