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Artist: Lil' O
Album:  Grind Hard, Pray Harder
Song:   Betcha Can't Do It
Typed by: Lil Hustle
It's Lil' O baby
[Lil' O]
I know you're balling, and you think that you rich
I can tell deep down, you wanna fuck my bitch
But playa I ain't mad, partna look at that switch
She walk around the club, bow legged like a pit
And when she do that dance, when she vibrate her thighs
All the big d-boys, mouth open wide
Baby got that H2O water, like Plies
Booty busting out the g-string, like surprise
But dog to tell the truth, man she in love with daddy
It ain't because I rap, cause my hemi or my Caddy
She just love my G, and how I lay the beef patty
And if you try to holla man, I bet she do you badly man I bet ya cn't do it
[Chorus - 2x]
Bet ya can't do it, on the dick she popping
Bet ya can't do it, on the dick she popping
Bet ya can't do it, bet ya-bet ya can't do it
Bet ya-bet ya can't do it, on the dick she popping
[Lil' O]
Ok I know I know, I know you make it rain
Ok you in the league, you play ball you got some change
Ok I see I see, you got a big piece and chain
But if she really care, why she looking at you strange
When will you boys learn, that playas get chose
She got her own bread, she can buy her own clothes
She keep herself right, from her head to her toes
And she don't give a damn, if your neck and wrist froze
See when she call up a real player, like me
It's just for some good conversation, with a G
Plus I know it helps, that I'm thoed at slanging D
But if you think I'm lying playa go ahead and see, man I bet ya can't do it
[Chorus - 2x]
[Lil' O]
Ok I know, I know you ride on 24's
Ok ok you rap, and you do a lot of shows
Ok ok you stay up in the mall, you got some clothes
But if she really care, why she sticking up her nose
Running back to me, like she sprinting half mile
Dog don't ask me, cause I swear that ain't my gal
I'm just a real G, from that H but my style
Will make a good chick from TSU, run wild
They call me Lil' O, I got a mean player swagger
And dog I ain't cuffing, if she wants you you can have her
But if she say no, don't disrespect and grab her
Cause I might have to hit you up, with this three and stagger
Man I bet ya can't do it
[Chorus - 2x]