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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Z-Ro 
Album:  Heart of a Hustla 
Song:   Do It Again 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Sweet God, let that man come forward 
(that's the man), who will come open up his soul 
Hallelujah my friends, be with him (that's the man, that's the man) 

Did it all for money, yes I did yes I did 
For the love of money 

And I'd do it again, (I'd do it again) 
I'd do it again, (I'd do it again) 
For the love of money, (I'd do it again) 
I'd do it again, (fucking right I would do it again) 
For the love of power, (I'd do it again) 
I'd do it again, (I'd do it again) 
For the love of respect, (I'd do it again) 
I'd do it again, (fucking right I would do it again) 

[Lil' Keke] 
Right here where the game at, still hard can't change that 
Feel good cause I'm still hood, I came up and then came back 
We scratching them real jars, running ducking them steel bars 
Stay away from them FED boys, cause I don't need that FED charge 
Love for the money I'm closing in, fuck these niggaz I'm 'pose to win 
If it's all for the power and the street respect, Young Don right here and I'll do it again 
Me and my mama we felt the pain, check didn't come but it 'pose to came 
Got me staring at the sky like it's 'pose to rain, I was born in the game I ain't 'pose to change 
Hear me Lord from up above, trapped on the streets I'm still a thug 
I done done everythang that a man could do, so I stand here today need nothing but love 
Real O.G.'s that kept it strong, young Don Ke just hold his own 
If I lost everything I'd do it again, cause I'm 7-13 till I'm dead and gone 


No pot to piss in, that's what I come from 
And God, I ain't never met a man I'ma run from 
Especially if I was wet, smoking that dumb-dumb 
Fuck police, beat em up whenever some dumb 
One deep for life, understand that homie 
My gun always, where my hand at homie 
I'm a five deuce hoover Crip 
Grooving till the world stop moving, you ain't even gotta ask that homie 
Shot a couple of niggaz, couple niggaz shot me 
Who the fuck told the FEDs, my nigga not me 
I'm in the penitentiary, and I don't know a nigga named Scott 
But I still got away, scott-free 
I, got so much love in these streets 
Yeah the motherfucker hit 75 times, that it ain't no plugging them heats 
But if it's gonna feed my family, I'd do it again 
Kick your door wide open, I'd do it again 
Fuck hell homie, I'ma go through it again 
This merking season, I'm in the bluest again 
Slipping outside, I'd never do it again 
I deserve to be rich, and I'ma prove it again 
Hard as I go too, you best you to get in 
I just found my mind, but I'ma lose it again 
And when I find it, I'ma do it again 


[Lil' Keke] 
Living my life I ain't taste it yet, based on me I'ma place the bet 
8-1 double 0 that's my set, still rep my hood with no regret 
Been through a lot still love the game, do it all again don't sweat the pain 
Did it all for the money and the love the same, for the cost of living and the price of fame 
Young Don Ke still rich and black, 7-13 they brought me back 
Hear them boys on the sideline hating and all, but I'm still in the game homie where you at 
S.U.C. still getting it on, rest in peace to the G's that's gone 
Dedicate this song right here to Screw, how'd you think a young fool here touch the zone 
15 years I kept it strong, never let a hater nigga touch the chrome 
Was a real O.G. when I wrote this song, cause I gave my life to that microphone 
Shout to the G's who want the power, stand up tall nigga watch me tower 
Do it for the real and not the cowards, it's 24-7 and a extra hour 


I'd do it again 
For the love of money, I'd do it again 
For the love of power, I'd do it again 
For the love of respect, I'd do it again