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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Yung Redd, Shawt Dawg 
Album:  Heart of a Hustla 
Song:   All Fours 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

And now ladies and gentlemen 
The one and only may-backer... 

I got the coupe sitting on all fours 
I keep the prettiest of bitches, on all fours 
Double cup on all fours 
Lately, just tell me what's it all fo' 
And what the fuck is going on 
You know I'm smoking on strong 
And what the fuck is going on 
Music up, while I'm blowing on strong 

[Yung Redd] 
All I ever did, was made money in the fishes 
Turning up with pennies, trying to work up to a bitch 
Reagan-era born into the world, that's a prison 
Tomorrow ain't given, tomorrow ain't given 
Ken Dog, what you see on television 
Turn a ordinary bitch, into a video vixen 
They say bullets ain't got no name on em 
I beg to differ, niggaz starving and they fade on em 
Innocent, until the world made me hard 
Made me bowl it up and blow, Nintendo carteridge 
Made em pay, for me to talk like a pay phone 
Black Camaro, on them black lips Grace Jones 


[Lil' Keke] 
I'm in the studio, blowing on some'ing loud 
It's Don Ke, bitch yeah I made my block proud 
Still in the parking lot, entertaining three hoes 
I'm one deep, in that two seater on all fo's 
Music blasting, space age and futuristic 
Nothing but bad hoes, my taste is too specific 
Real nigga, with his top off and no drama 
Blowing presidential strong, nigga Obama 
I'm on my hustle, steady looking for that double up 
We out here leaning, and they fiending for that double cup 
24 inches, pretty bitches know I'm grown 
It's 7-13, what the fuck is going on 


[Shawt Dawg] 
Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank God 
She with me, same color as the paint job 
And you gotta ride candy, here where we stay 
Suicide do's, all fo's like pre-k 
S.U.C. on replay, arm broken patch it 
I woke up to a threesome, I'm going for the hat trick 
Glock sitting here, cruise in traffic with my hat low 
My top disappeared, doing magic like Orlando 
I stay dranked out, from Sunnyside so I claim Scott 
Fo' thousand, better keep a closed mouth you can't box 
Coming down like rain drops, this oil got me on tilt 
When your lighters on screen, so I'm higher than stilts