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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Chris Ward
Album:  Currency
Song:   Street Life
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Street life, street life
This is my street life, come on
Don, C. Weezy
This is my street life, what street life

[Lil' Keke]
I don't wanna end up in jail, I don't wanna end up in the Penn
So I take my time and try to win, get my cash then lay low again
The streets is blazing, talking hot as can be
Gotta be strong for the family, I'm the bark of the tree
Never lose my head, cause I'm quite successful
Been blessed by the man, and it's much respect due
Boys catching cases, cause the hood is flamed up
The streets I came up, I gave the game up
20 years, for making less than a thee
I'ma stay up on the mic, where I'm 'pose to be

Street life, don't know where I'm bout to be
Caught up in the street life, there's so much I've got to see
This is our street life, so I'm struggling holding on
Caught up in the street life, got to be in it till I'm gone

[Chris Ward]
Out chea' in the street life, I'm one of the hungriest mayn
That's why when I rap, you can hear my most hungriest pain
Sometimes there's sunshine, sometimes it thunders and rain
Sometimes I feel I'm caught, between the sunshine thunder and rain
Wondering can, I get up off this one way road
Cause I been on the same path, since I was one day old
Not knowing where I'm headed, I just know where I'm coming from
Trying to hustle some extras, here and now living life troublesome
Born with a curse, nine months before my mama's water burst
But I'ma grind for the better or worse, till they put me in a hearse
I know that it hurts, but you gotta keep first things first
After God, feed your lead to eat and quench your thirst
And just cause you struggle, don't let it put a strain on your mind
Or be the reason your momentum shift, and changes around
Cause it's easy to end up in jail, but it's harder to stay free
I'm just trying to survive, stay alive and stay me in this street life


[Lil' Keke]
For the streets shed a tear, each and every year
The laws they make it clear, that they running this here
But the ghetto is hurting, and I ain't lying
My nigga D touched down, he did a dime
So be careful what you step, with the do's you close
Cause the FED's be tripping, giving out football sco's
Done seen everything, probably looked at it twice
So don't gamble with your life, cause the streets ain't dice
Plus the streets ain't nice, and my nights are cold
Get your money then shine, I was constantly told
And I'm thankful to the Lord, cause I gotta survive
Watch your back on the blocks, they'll eat you alive


Till we gon baby, C. Ward
Don Ke, products of the hood
You know it's not built, for us to last around here
But we survivors though, street life