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Artist: Lil' Keke
Album:  Currency
Song:   A Mic & Hook
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Lil' Keke]
A mic and I'll rock it, a hook and I'll drop it
Three 16's, and ain't no way they could stop it
Gotta make a profit, it's all for bread
From the state Penitentiary, to the G's that's FED
Hold your head, cause I'm speaking the truth
It's time to take off the shoe, and try to fit that boot
Get your loot, cause that's all that count
I'm trying to fill up my shows, for a large amount
It's all gravy, roll a doja stick
My nigga P hit the do', with a zip of the shit
So we high mayn, cloud nine is passing
Nothing but c-notes, when the kid is flashing
You gotta puff it, like that 50 say
Hating on the 3rd Coast, it's gon be a long day
No telling, when the cash is mean
Got the hook got the mic, and the three 16's

[Hook - 2x]
Give me a mic and a hook, and a place to flow
In a club on stage, and I'm ready to go
Give me a mic and a hook, and a place to flow
I'll rap all night, cause that's all I know

[Lil' Keke]
It's a crash course, when you roll my way
On the grind all the time, like a cast away
So it's spring and summer, fall and winter
Boys turning back, like the Don had sent ya
Car's on, niggaz leave me alone
Got it twisted light it up, till the day that I'm gone
You know Houston own, but I'm Oakland gone
Throw the season on the ground, like the casian gone
Go on get it, press repeat don't skip it
Person in the lab, ain't no time for a ticket
Trend setter, go on walk this way
This is H-Town's finest, and I'm a-ok

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
OK the mic is smoking, I'm constantly choking
Lil' Ke falling off man, is what they hoping
Flow like water, rhymes go harder
The game's so close, and I'm reaching farther
Respect my game, and I'll respect your game
I respect my chain, and my diamonds mayn
Say you lucky, but it's all for hood
Paint pictures of the block, and it ain't all good
So I go for it, get mine in scratch
And these cowards in the streets mayn, they ain't no match
Not no one man game, but I stand alone
From the mic to the streets, gotta love this song

[Hook - 4x]