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Artist: Lil' Keke
Album:  Currency
Song:   Do You Really Want to Ride with Me
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Do you really wanna, take a ride with me
Come on, check it

[Lil' Keke]
Here we go, prepare to get it on
Been waiting to touch that thang, for so long
Tonight's the night, it couldn't be no better
Jump in my load, and I'll go get her
Highway burn, I make the loop 6-10
Fire up some'ing, to get lost in the wind
Cruise control, I let it drift the ride
Navigation be looking good, in the 7-4-5
Beautiful body, I just love it when she lay down
Fuck the motel, take her to the playground
Make sure she stay down, that's how it go
Get paid and laid, and then we rock the show

Do you really, wanna ride with me
Slide with me, smoke some'ing fly with me
Come on, do you really wanna rock with me
Shop with me, go to the top with me that's right
Do you really, wanna hit the flo'
Shake the do', come back get some mo'
So do you want, to ride with me let me know now

[Lil' Keke]
Stop drop and roll, when the place on fire
C.M.G. lighting up, time to rock the house
It's the show down, where the tricks get low down
Buckle up your belt, I swear it's bout to go down
Kick back, 8 Ball just called and
That's the Fat Mack, sitting in a hot tub
Hit him right back, and it's a lovely day
Jumped up roll a hay, and I'm on my way
Out the do' mayn, hydro mayn
Check the phone for licks, I'm on the first plane
Gotta get mine, and ain't nothing wrong with that
4:30 hogging the name, so nigga get back
Let's do this, they blew it
Let's bring the pain, cause we can do it
I'ma hop skip and roll, baby right up the block
Get on the cell phone, try to call up the shop what


[Lil' Keke]
Get my game on, don't worry bout this chatter
23's boy, cause they sit fatter
Step for step mayn, I'm up that ladder
Fuck them punks mayn, them chumps don't matter
Call up my friend, see where she been
If she at home, I'm about to slide in
Come on over, take it to the max
Roll up a few squares, so I stay relaxed
Where the head at, oh it's so fa sho
Pimp game no thang, baby love a pro
So do you, wanna ride
In the heat, cause it's cold outside uh yeah